Iron & Steel Metallurgy Division
Ferroalloy Division
Cement Division
Glass Division
Nonferrous Division
Aluminium Division
Conveyor Division
Power Division
EPC Project
Material Handling Division
Heavy & Mining Equipment Division
LMM GROUP focus steel metallurgical raw materials, production equipment, material handling equipment production sales, technical consultation and the import and export trade service, including: the international engineering contracting (EPC), steel metallurgical equipment manufacturing, mining equipment manufacturer and international project contractor.
· Projects department manager to visit India concrete discuss
· Group includes transportation machinery factory of the seco
· Group increase its ability to resist risks
· Cement division to develop new market
· Refractory materials division manager with a tour group tri
· 2012 new staffs practice
TEL: +86 411 82580352/82656126
  +86 411 82591232
FAX: + 86-411-82557586
Mb: 0086-13074131400
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