Steel Making

Refractory brick :

LMM GROUP refractory inheres the advanced technology, management experience and qually control from Japan YOTAl. Various high-quality refractory products according to cdlients’ needs and to ensure thestabilty and accountablity of the quality,we track and control the full manufacturing process through a variety of phys-ical and chemical analysis.

We own 2 ultra high temperature tunnel kin,10 presses which including 1000t,800t,630t and400t friction press, alsoadvanced crushing, blending, automatic controling system and a complete chemical analysis and physical testingsystem. Annual production capacity is 80,000tons.

Slide gate plate :

Graphite electrode :

Our Production factory professionally engage in research and development, manufacturing and supplying, andinternational trade of graphite electrode and carbon products, has more than 50 years experience in graphiteelectrode research and development, own the independent intellectual property.

By continuous development and innovation, now developed the complete process for the carbon production, includingcalcination, forming, baking, pitch impregnation, graphitizing, machining, as well as the advanced test equipment fromChina and abroad. The main products series: 250mm-700mm HP/RP Grade and UHP Grade graphite electrode. Theannual capacity is 50 thousands MT. The company has passed ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system certifica-tion, product quality is stable and reliable.

Play Video about refractory brick

Refractory brick

Play Video about Graphite electrode

Graphite electrode

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Continuous Casting

The company is equipped with advanced equipment and enjoys excellent technology for mechanical and electro-plat-ing processing. It has complete testing devices, perfect production management and strict environmental protectionmeasures. Our products have high quality with good performance. Various sizes and types of copper mould tubes andplates have been supplied to more than 200 customers in the world.
Our main products: Square, Rectangular, Round and Beam Blank copper mould tubes. With dedicated to research ofnew technologies, we continuously develop various sizes, materials and special shapes, large and super large sizemould tubes. We also developed various types of high efficiency copper mould tube for continuous casting machine.Our products range also features mould assembly and other metallurgical spare parts. Apart from copper mould tubes,we also produce various types of copper mould plates and assembled beam blank moulds.

Rolling Mill

Rolling mill rolls:

Our production factory have two roll production lines with world leading advantages: One is for cast rolls with theannual capacity of 50,000 tons; the other is for forged rolls with the annual capacity of 5,000 tons.
We have advanced production and testing equipment at home and abroad and professional research & developmentteam. At present, the main products are: alloy indefinite chiled cast iron roll, alloy chilled cast iron roll, pearitic &acicular nodular cast iron roll, high chrome cast iron roll, alloy cast steel roll, semi-steel roll, graphite steel roll, highchrome cast steel roll, high speed steel roll, forged roll and other more than 20 series of rolls, which are mainly usedfor roughing mill stand, Intermediate mill stand, finishing mill stand of wire, rod, strip, section steel, etc.

Tungsten carbide ring rolls:

LMM GROUP Cemented car-bide roll rings Factory is equipped with advanced equipment and enjoys excellent technology for mechanical and electro-plat-ing processing. It has complete testing devices, perfect production management and strict environmental protectionmeasures. Our products have high quality with good performance. LMM has become a major supplier of cemented car-bide roll rings in the world’s steel industry with the efforts of the company’s team.
We focus on high-efficiency solutions for the iron and steel industry, and we are a professional supplier of cementedcarbide roll rings. At the same time, we hope to help more users in the field of steel rolling understand the advantagesof cemented carbide roll rings and working together with users to solve problems of different technicalsolutions for steel rolling.

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Rolling mill rolls

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Tungsten carbide ring rolls

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Rebar online automatic counting & separation system

Play Video about Bundle rebar online welding tag system

Bundle rebar online welding tag system

Play Video about Bundle wire hanging tag robot

Bundle rebar online welding tag system

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Laser marking machine

Smart Steel Mill

Rebar online automatic counting & separation system:

“Online automatic counting system” is an automatic bar counting device that uses machine vision for target recognition, target tracking, and automatic positioning technology. The system collects the image of the bar moving on the chain bed and transmits it to the host computer. After image recognition and target tracking, the real-time counting function of the bar production process is realized; when the count value of each bundle reaches the set value, the chain bed is controlled to stop, indicate the position of automatic steel splitting, guide or control the start and stop of the steel moving machine, and can be used to display the steel splitting position in real time to guide the steel splitting. The system enters the next working cycle.

Bundle rebar online welding tag system:

Label welding robot is bar production line for steel enterprise specialized research and development of automatic weighing, automatic positioning, automatic input data, automatic printing product brands, automatic welding plate of multi-functional intelligent automation system, the product USES the integration integration design, 3 d image recognition, parts modular design, standardized production, product covers an area of small, fast;  Products replace the traditional production process using manual printing labels, manual data entry, manual welding signs and other tedious operations, to avoid the safety risks of workers on the site, to eliminate man-made printing signs, data entry, welding signs and other errors;  Reduce labor and labor intensity of operators to meet the needs of high-tempo and high-intensity production.  

Bundle wire hanging tag robot

robot hanging (welding) card system,The system is based on the industrial robot platform and image recognition technology, which realizes the automatic transmission, automatic printing and cutting, and automatic sorting of the signage data. and other functions. After the robot automatically takes the card, use the sign hook to hang the sign on the baling line used for bundling the coil. On the steel bar to ensure the reliability of the logo.

The robot can complete the requirements of printing, removing and welding 2 sign within 45s.

Laser marking machine :

The automatic billet marking machine produces traces by melting metal at high temperatures and high speeds with the laser to form the required characters. Customers can choose to use high-temperature paint, aluminum wire, or laser coding.

The system is equipped with an HMI human-machine interface server, which is mainly responsible for communication with the upper computer and automatic engraving;

Responsible for the selection of engraving fonts and fonts and the adjustment of on-site process parameters. The engraving equipment can correctly receive the engraving content transmitted by MES, and the end information will be fed back to the computer in time and the relevant operators will be notified by alarm;

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