Bar Counting System

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1. Equipment Introduction

The Bar counting system adopts the international advanced machine vision technology to detect the end face of the bar, identifies, marks, tracks and counts the bar through image information processing, and then realizes different functions through different working modes. This platform has three modes: in the counting mode, the counting is completed by visual technology and industrial computer, and the steel line is displayed to guide the on-site operators to accurately divide the steel. In the steel separation mode, the controller controls the servo through CAN open bus communication to carry out single-ended steel separation or automatic steel separation.

2. Design conditions

Adjust the speed of the roller table to ensure that the ends of the bars are aligned, and the extension range of the end face cannot exceed ±100mm.

When the bar is cut to length, try to keep a single row of cutting to eliminate the elbow of the bar. The curvature of the end of the bar shall not exceed 1 times the diameter within 100mm.

The stack of bars entering the counting area should not exceed 2 layers as far as possible.

The stop is smooth, and there is no bar rushing phenomenon (or the forward rushing <50mm); the starting is smooth, and the rear belt phenomenon (or the rear belt <50mm) does not occur; the round bar cannot roll back and forth in the counting area.

The production site ensures that the camera lens of the camera equipment is clear and the counting area is not blocked.

The bar is at right angles to the chain, with an inclination of no more than 10 degrees. That is, the tail deviation from the baseline within 10 meters does not exceed 0.8 meters.

The operation and maintenance of the system must be strictly in accordance with the system manual.

Strict quality inspection of finished bars. Reinforcing bars before entering the counting area will be scrapped and treated at the same level, eliminating pointed bars, picking out bent, out-of-tolerance and defective scraps, and generally aligning the bars to prevent entry Counting errors occur when the counting areas block each other or fall out of the screen.

3. Equipment function and technical parameters

3.1 Main technical functions

1) The automatic counting system collects the end-face images of moving bars from the side of the transfer chain, and realizes real-time counting after image detection, image recognition, and target tracking. When the bundle count value reaches the set value, it controls the start and stop of the transfer chain.

2) The automatic steel separation system will automatically stop the current transfer chain when the rated count of each bundle is full. The control module controls the mechanical action of steel splitting. In the process of steel separation, the visual feedback module tracks the movement of the bar in real time, adjusts the steel separation strategy according to the change of the bar, accurately controls the separation of the bar at one end, and realizes the automation of counting and steel separation.

3.2 Main technical parameters

Specifications for bars above Φ12 (inclusive), the counting error is less than or equal to ±0.08‰.

For rebars stacked no more than 2 layers, the average separation time of the ends is ≤5s;

For rebars stacked more than 2 layers, the system has error correction function;

When the interleaving and stacking cannot be separated seriously, the system prompts an alarm for manual intervention.

The system automatically gives the steel line and prompts the position of the steel; arbitrarily set the count of each bundle, and support the measurement and packaging of the rated count.

4. System composition

The system consists of electrical main control cabinet, on-site operation box, far-infrared polarized noise and shadow light source, camera module, end extension, middle extension, etc. and completes video image acquisition, video image information processing, target tracking, counting, steel sorting, etc. The main function.

The state of the moving bar is dynamically monitored by using the graphics processor and machine vision technology with the visual signal image processor as the core of the image information processing, and the online counting of the bar and the action of steel separation are realized. Video image processing and target tracking are the core parts of the system, which are responsible for real-time processing of on-site video image information. Among them, the work of bar motion tracking detection, background separation, target position determination, target tracking and fault-tolerant counting, and dividing steel line calibration is completed by the computer software system.


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