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High Precision Bar Measuring Instrument

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LMM GROUP have been supplied to world’s top steel manufacturer :

Australia: Liberty steel/Bluescope steel
Iran: Oxin steel
Italy: JSW steel
United Arab EmiratesEmirates Steel
Egypt:Ezz Steel
Russia:MMK,Mechel, NLMK
Luxembourg:RIVA Group,ArcelorMittal
Turkey: Tosyalı Holding,İçdaş,Erdemir Group
Spain: Liberty Steel Group,CELSA Steel Group
India: tata-steel,SAIL, SPL,Erdemir Group etc. We do OEM for Concast and Danieli for a long time

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1. Device overview

High precision bar measuring instrument is a special instrument for the rolling mill to detect the negative weight deviation of the finished steel bar samples produced on site at the first time. The measurement data is collected and processed by computer software.

It has the communication function, display the measurement result and the rolling serial number on the attached display screen.

2. Design conditions

2.1 Main process requirements:

Power supply: AC single-phase 220V±10%, 2KW, 50Hz

Output data: serial number, time, specification, meter weight, etc.

LED screen: single red, network transmission data


2.2 Technical specification


Measurement parameter Measurement range Measurement accuracy
Sample Diameter 12~32mm
Length 800±50mm ±0.2mm
Weight 0.3~30kg ±0.5g


3. Equipment function and technical parameters

3.1 Main technical functions

3.1.1 The length of the bar is automatically measured through a unique machine vision system (not afraid of side thorn interference), the weight is measured through an automatic weighing system, and the negative deviation value is calculated through system analysis. The visual non-contact measurement method is adopted, and the measurement data is accurate and reliable.


3.1.2 The specially developed measurement control system has a high-speed processing unit, which works stably and accurately.

3.1.3 The measurement process is fully automated. As long as the measured part is placed on the V-shaped support, and the “measurement” button is pressed, the measuring instrument automatically completes the rapid measurement, and the measurement result data is directly collected, displayed and saved by the computer software.

3.1.4 The weight measurement data is visually displayed, and the data results are displayed on the large screen synchronously. Mill adjustment workers adjust the mill based on negative deviation values.

3.1.5 The measurement results can be stored, and the report form can be automatically saved and recorded, and the measurement data can also be read and consulted at any time.

3.1.6 If there are out-of-tolerance products, the remote can alarm, alarm and light broadcast, and the installation location can be designated by the customer.

4. System Composition

High precision bar measuring instrument includes a main control cabinet, operation buttons,

weighing system, data display, automatic weighing system module, vision system module ,V-shaped support.



High precision bar measuring instrument

High precision bar measuring instrument specially developed for automatic sampling robot system


The company strictly according to modern enterprise management requirements set up a perfectquality assurance system, and passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification,ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001:1999 occupationalhealth and safety management system certification.

Service Display

Recommend suitable products according to the actual working conditions and needs of customers.It can also bedeveloped and designed according to needs, and customized services can be provided. During the epidemic, provide remote detection technical support.

Strict quality control:
From raw materials, to the production process and befor eleaving the factory, all performance indicators arestrictly tested, and the professional QC team controls according to the process.

After-sales service:
Quality assurance and Resolution of any issues that arise 

About LMM

Founded in 2007, LMM GROUP mainly produces all kinds of metallurgical rolls for various types of steel, bar, high-speed wire and strip hot and cold plate and strip rolling mills.

The company covers an area of 100,000 square meters, including two complete production lines for cast rolls and forged steel rolls, processing workshops, product research and development centers, testing centers, training centers and office buildings and other supporting facilities. The factory environment is very beautiful.

We can provide characteristic service and differentiated products according to the different conditions of rolling mill.

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