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copper mould tube

Brand name: LMM GROUP
Packing Details : Wooden box with fumigation or Wooden Fram
Delivery Details: 30~60days or Based on the quantity
Shipping: Sea freight、Land freight、Air freight

LMM GROUP have been supplied to world’s top steel manufacturer :

Australia: Liberty steel/Bluescope steel
Iran: Oxin steel
Italy: JSW steel
United Arab EmiratesEmirates Steel
Egypt:Ezz Steel
Russia:MMK,Mechel, NLMK
Luxembourg:RIVA Group,ArcelorMittal
Turkey: Tosyalı Holding,İçdaş,Erdemir Group
Spain: Liberty Steel Group,CELSA Steel Group
India: tata-steel,SAIL, SPL,Erdemir Group etc. We do OEM for Concast and Danieli for a long time


LMM Brand Copper Mould for continuous casting machine in steelmaking is available for :

billet caster, bloom caster, beam blank caster, slab/thin slab caster. 


  1. We supply high quality and durable copper mould tube with the most competitive price and prompt delivery.
  2. Our Copper Mould Tube meet ISO9001 standards high precision and meet hardness requirement, perfect taper, and coated layer.
  3. We have complete facilities to process every copper mould tube, galvanize plating, hardness testing to provide accurate Chromium plating to the Mould Tubes to achieve high performance in heat resistance.
  4. We manufacture thousands of pieces of copper mould tube every month and supply to several biggest Steel Group in China which proved that our product is most trusted and satisfied by our customers.


LMM Mould’s key features: · 100% high quality Chile originated Copper; · CuDHP, CuAg0.1, CuCrZr, CuNiBe, CuCoNiBe alloy, etc · Cr/Ni/NiCo/Ceramic coating etc with various shapes;  · state of the art milling, drilling, measuring & testing facilites etc with more than 20 years manufacturing

  experience,in accordance with EN, DIN, ANSI, AS standards, meet the strictest requirement; · quick delivery time, 25 days or shorter; · more than 80000 pcs capacity annually;








Square & Rectangle

Copper tubes






Also straight



With slot single taper,double taper,triple taper,quadruplicate taper,parabolic taper and varius kinds of

continuous taper high effciency copper mould tubes

Round copper


Φ110- Φ1500


Also straight



With slot double taper,quadruplicate taper,parabolic taper and varius kinds of continuous taper high

effciency copper mould tubes

Non-standard copper mould tubes 

Beam Blank copper mould tubes





With slot single taper,double taper,triple taper,quadruplicate taper,parabolic taper


Product Equipment

Smelting/Casting: 2 line Smelting furnace and continuous casting machine

Forging/Extrusion: 9 sets Hydraulic Press

23 various units CNC Machines
2 Sets Special CNC Processing Machines

1 line Copper Annealing Furnace
2 lines One electro plating Line for tube and plate each

Quality Assurance:
1 set Tensile Strength Machine
5 sets Harness meters
2 sets Thickness meters
1 set Ultrasonic flaw detection machine

Smelting/Casting < Forging/Extrusion < Machining < Electro-plating < Quality Assurance

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TP2 is a kind of material is selected by most of the steel plants. It shows excellent heat-proof and anti-fatigue property under high temperature and it has good processing property. CuAg0.1 is adding 0.08%-0.12% silver during copper ingots melting will increase the recrystallization temperature of copper by 100C, which will increase the heat stress and anti -abrasive property of copper mould tube interior surface, showing better heatresistant property than TP2.

Cu-Cr-Zr is a kind of copper allys which can be normalized by time. It has excellent mechanical property under both room temperature and hight temperature.It has hight heat conductivity, melting point,anti-fatigue and anti heat stress properties. Their outstanding features make it different from the previous copper alloys. It combines all good properties together. But compared with other copper alloys, Cu-Cr-Zr is difficult to be formed with higher products costs.

copper mould tube
copper mould tube
ltemTemp Unit Material
  Chemical Composition
  Physical properties
  Electical conductivity20%IACS839580
  Thermal conductivity20W/(m. K)34037 2330
  Coefficient of thermal expansion20-30010^ -6/K17.117. 117.2
  Recrystallisation temperature  °C345360690
  Modulus of elasticity2010^ 3MPa120123126
  Melting point °C108310831078
  Specific gravity g/cm38.98.98.9
  Mechanical properties
  Ultimate tensile strength20Mpa240-310240-310375-44 5
  Ultimate tensile strength100MPa190-270230-270365-425
  Ultimate tensile strength200MPa140-190205-240365-410
  Ultimate tensile strength300MPa 175-210335-375
  Ultimate tensile strength400MPa 145-160315-350
  0.2Yield point strength (Rp0. 2)20MPa 190-250200-22 5280-355
  0.2Yield point strength (Rp0. 2)100MPa185-260195-240270-345
  0.2Yield point strength (Rp0.2)200MPa 180-225260-330
  0.2Yield point strength (Rp0. 2)300MPa 165-215250-320
  0.2Yield point strength (Rp0. 2)400MPa 130-145240-290
  Elongation (A5)20%25-1016_ 1020-13
Mark: TP2 (GB/ T5231-2001 )= SF-Cu/DHP-Cu(DIN1 787)

Research & Development

Our company has 50 technicians and 15 of them have senior professional titles. We have strong ability to develop products of various materials and sizes (Square, Rectangular, Round, Nonstandard and Beam Blanks, with range from the smallest of 50x50mm to the largest of Dia.1500mm round tubes, 500x500mm Square tubes, 120×650 rectangular tubes). Strong R&D abilities can meet the customers demand to the maximum extent. The perfect combination of experience and theories constantly improves the quality of our products. We are dedicated to shaping steel! We not only provide products, we also provide handicrafts, the mirror finished tubes surface is like a mirror.

copper mould tube


The company strictly according to modern enterprise management requirements set up a perfectquality assurance system, and passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification,ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001:1999 occupationalhealth and safety management system certification.

Service Display

Recommend suitable products according to the actual working conditions and needs of customers.It can also bedeveloped and designed according to needs, and customized services can be provided. During the epidemic, provide remote detection technical support.

Strict quality control:
From raw materials, to the production process and befor eleaving the factory, all performance indicators arestrictly tested, and the professional QC team controls according to the process.

After-sales service:
Quality assurance and Resolution of any issues that arise 

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LMM is equipped with advanced equipment and enjoys excellent technology for mechanical and electro-plating processing. It has complete testing devices, perfect production management and strict environmental protection measures. With dedicated to research of new technologies, we continuously develop various sizes, materials and special shapes, large and super large size mould tubes. We also developed various types of high efficiency copper mould tube for continuous casting machine. Our products range also features mould assembly and other metallurgical spare parts. Apart from copper mould tubes, we also produce various types of copper mould plates and assembled beam blank moulds.

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