Ladle Bottom Argon Blowing Automatic Control System


Based on machine vision, a high-resolution camera is used to shoot the ladle liquid surface, the imaging is collected by an industrial computer, the range of molten steel in the image is analyzed, and the flow rate and pressure of argon gas are automatically adjusted according to the I art, and the argon blowing time is controlled. The system improves the automation level of argon blowing control and reduces the unstable factors caused by workers’ experience judgment, also reduces labor intensity.

  • Intelligent detection and automatic control.
  • Flexible adjustment of argon blowing intensity.
  • HMI manual operation in front of ladle.
  • Video backtracking of the operation process.
  • Statistic and analysis of the operation data.

Camera environmental temperature:-20°C-125°C

System response time:<50ms

Control precision: =5%(Molten steel acreage is within ±5% of the set value)

Argon blowing control success rate: 100%

  • Molten steel composition is evened by intensive blowing of argon.
  • inclusion is reduced by precise control of argon soft blowing.
  • Labor intensity is reduced.
  • Video is recorded in real time and management traceable.
  • Molten steel quality is improved.
  • No special skills required to operate

Ladle Bottom Argon Blowing Automatic Control System