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magnesia carbon brick for steel making manufacturer

LMM GROUP refractory inheres the advanced technology, management experience and quality control from LMM YOTAl. We have formed a comprehensive, effective and standarized management system with an excellent management team. We can manufacture various high-quality refractory products according to clients’ needs and to ensure the stability and accountability of the quality, we track and control the full manufacturing process through a variety of physical and chemical analysis. LMM got ISO-9001 quality guarantee system, ISO-27922 service certificate and ISO-14001.

magnesia dolomite brick

What is magnesia carbon brick?

magnesia carbon brick, often referred to as magnesia-carbon bricks, are a type of refractory brick that combines magnesia (MgO) with carbon (usually in the form of graphite). These bricks are specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh chemical environments, making them ideal for use in the steelmaking industry and other high-temperature applications.

LMM GROUP top-grade magnesia carbon brick are produced using advanced techniques, guaranteeing exceptional strength and longevity.

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Magnesia carbon brick Features

1. Magnesia carbon brick has excellent slag resistance, slag penetration.
2. Magnesia carbon brick can effectively prevent spalling, with excellent spalling resistance.
3. Magnesia carbon brick has excellent thermal stability and thermal conductivity.
4. Magnesia carbon brick has excellent high temperature resistance.
5. Magnesia carbon brick has high strength, high temperature creep characteristics of low .
6. Magnesia carbon brick the excellent properties of MgO-C brick brick depends on the presence of carbon, with antioxidant .

Where are magnesia carbon bricks applied?

Magnesia carbon bricks are widely used in the following fields:

Iron and steel industry: used for linings of steelmaking converters, electric furnaces and ladles, with good thermal shock resistance and slag erosion resistance.
Non-ferrous metal smelting: used for high-temperature furnace linings in the smelting process of non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum.
Cement kiln: In the rotary kiln of cement production, magnesia carbon bricks can be used for the lining of the high-temperature firing zone.
Glass kiln: In the glass melting furnace, it is used for the lining of the high-temperature area to increase the service life of the kiln.
Other high-temperature industries: such as lining materials for high-temperature furnaces such as petrochemicals and waste incineration.


Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick


Tempered Magnesia Dolomite Carbon Brick



How to choose magnesia carbon bricks?

Material composition: Select high-purity magnesia sand and high-quality carbon materials to ensure that magnesia carbon bricks have excellent refractory properties and slag erosion resistance.

Thermal shock resistance: According to the temperature fluctuations in the use environment, select magnesia carbon bricks with good thermal shock resistance to avoid cracking and peeling of the brick body.

Size and shape: Select the appropriate size and shape of magnesia carbon bricks according to specific application requirements to ensure the best installation and use effect.

Manufacturing process: Select manufacturers with advanced manufacturing processes to ensure that the density and strength of magnesia carbon bricks meet the requirements and extend the service life.

Wear resistance: In a high-wear environment, select magnesia carbon bricks with high wear resistance to extend the service life of the brick body.

Price and service: Consider the cost-effectiveness and select suppliers with good after-sales service to ensure that problems encountered during use can be solved in time.

Professional and advanced production equipment

Automatic hydraulic refractory press is the fairly elite mechanical equipment equipped with the integr ation of mechanics, electronics, and hydaulics.

Controlled by PLC, It can automatically complete feeding, suppressing, demolding, clamping and injecting in the porcess of supression, and can make adobes with high density, stable quality, precise dimensions by means of precise volumetric feeding, bi-directional pressurization and hydrostatic pressure.

Strict production process inspection

Packaging and shipping

LMM GROUP has a prudent schedule and delivery system that enables us to manage large volumes of orders smoothly and on time. Since we have excellent connections with all major shipping lines, we are able to offer our customers the fastest connections and transit times to any destination around the world.

Service Display

Our Pre-sales:
recommend suitable products according to the actual working conditions and needs of customers.It can also bedeveloped and designed according to needs, and customized services can be provided. During the epidemic, provide remote detection technical support

Strict quality control:
From raw materials, to the production process and befor eleaving the factory, all performance indicators arestrictly tested, and the professional QC team controls according to the process.

After-sales service:
Quality assurance and Resolution of any issues that arise

LMM GROUP have been supplied to world’s top steel manufacturer :

Australia: Liberty steel/Bluescope steel
Iran: Oxin steel
Italy: JSW steel
United Arab EmiratesEmirates Steel
Egypt:Ezz Steel
Russia:MMK,Mechel, NLMK
Luxembourg:RIVA Group,ArcelorMittal
Turkey: Tosyalı Holding,İçdaş,Erdemir Group
Spain: Liberty Steel Group,CELSA Steel Group
India: tata-steel,SAIL, SPL,Erdemir Group etc. We do OEM for Concast and Danieli for a long time

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

LMM have been supplied to world’s top steel manufacturer Arcelormittal, TATA Steel, NLMK, MMK, etc. We do OEM for Concast and Danieli for a long time


Q1. What business does your company have?
A. The company is mainly engaged in:
Various refractory materials production, research and development, kiln design, masonry construction. Provide comprehensive technical support and after-sales service for cement rotary kiln, non-ferrous metal smelting, waste disposal, glass kiln and other industries with refractory materials.

 Q2. What products do you have?
A. Company main products: MgO-C Brick、MgO Brick、MgO-Cr2O3 Brick、MgO-Al2O3-ZrO2 Brick,MgO-Al2O3 Spinel Brick, Al2O3-C Brick, Al2O3- MgO-C Brick, Fused MgO Brick, MgO Castable, High alumina castable, Slide gate plate, Nozzle, Precast-block, Ladle shroud, Monolithic Stoppers series.etc

Q3. Which countries are you cooperating with?
A. Nearly 100 customers have established cooperative relations and have been providing customers with the best quality service. LMM have been supplied to world’s top steel

Q4. How to guarantee the quality of your products?
A. We have established strict production processes and inspection standards, and we have established a professional QA and QC department to ensure that the products delivered by the factory meet the customer’s technical indicators and related regulations.

Q5. Can you provide samples?
A. We can provide you with samples and delivery services, we will charge a certain sample and shipping costs, samples and shipping fees can be reduced in bulk orders later!

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