Magnesia carbon bricks

The system provides automatic positioning function, which can automatically locate the steel coil and identify the diameter and end face position of the steel coil. At the same time, the number of marked products can be counted, and the operation of the system can be monitored in real time. 


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MgO-C bricks for EAF side wall

  • Side wall refractories for EAF : LMM-S-NSA-110XMA

Especially S-NSA has developed as especially for side wall hot spots in bricks for electric arc furnace. In order to meet variety of needs, YOTAI supplies plenty of variations by replacing grade of raw materials or carbon content, introduced below.

 Feature of LMM-S-NSA

  • Base of carbon content is set as 20% to take advantage of carbon characteristics.
  • Varieties of brands are developed by corporate with different grades of raw materials and carbon contents.
  • High durability is carried out for hot spots by adopting high purity materials and dense construction.
  • Bricks used for except hot spots are took into account of balance and durability and cost by replacing grade of materials.
  • Low carbon type supports for oxidization damage by oxidization slag.

Technical data of side wall refractories

FB: Free board part / ML: Metal line part / SL: Slag line part / HS: Hot spot part

MgO-C bricks for EAF bottom tap hole (E.B.T)

Eccentric bottom tapping has been applied as a latest technology. High resistances to corrosion, spalling, oxidation are required for refractories for E.B.T. YOTAI provides the best material for each sections.

MgO-C bricks for Electrode of furnace bottom

Magnesia carbon bricks for LF

  • MgO-C bricks for the free board  (LY-LD-MG-18XE)
  • MgO-C bricks for the lining of slag line(LY-LD-MG-14XFK)
  • MgO-C bricks for the permanent of slag line (LY-LD-MG-15XE)

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LMM GROUP will spare no effort in providing comprehensive refractory management to best meet the needs of steel mills in China and in the world.

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