Online automatic rebar counting and separation system

1. Only need six months to recover the cost.

2. Independently design equipment, keep upgrading and updating according to market demand.

3. For adopting computer automatic counting technology, increases the speed and preci sion rate of steel bar counting.

4. Improves the production efficiency greatly, and brings significant economic and social benefits to the enterprise.

5. Reduce the worker’s labor intensity.

Product Details

Based on the technology of target recognition, tracking, and automatic separation for rod-shaped objects, applying a deep learning way, and combining non-contact machine vision technology with automatic intelligent control technology, composed of separation mechanical arms on precisive servo displacement ends, mechanical complete steel separators, sprocket transmission devices and computer control unit, the system can realize the function of accurately separating bars in any specification and any number.

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1) The counting accuracy of our rebar counting machine is as high as 0.02%.

2) The system could work 24 hours/day continuously, Increasing productivity.

3) The system could control the number/weight of every bundle, and decrease the production cost.

4) The system’s cost is very low, and the spare parts are also inexpensive.

5) It will achieve Full Automation, and enhance the plant’s image.

6) Fast Installation and easy operation: It only needs 15 days to install and commission and 5 days to teach your worker how to operate.

7) It could install on stop time, not influence the production.

8) The free warranty period of one year, life-long free update system.

Steel Bar counting system Online Automatic Steel Bar Counting And Separation System Composition:
1) Main control cabinet
2) Composite special lights
3) Special camera platform
4) Machine separation device.

1) Video signal capture
2) Video image information processing
3) Target tracking and counting
4) Determination of steel-splitting position
5) Mechanical steel-splitting, etc.


1. On-Line Automatic Counting Function Of Bars


“Online automatic counting system” is an automatic bar counting device that uses machine vision for target recognition, target tracking, and automatic positioning technology. The system collects the image of the bar moving on the chain bed and transmits it to the host computer. After image recognition and target tracking, the real-time counting function of the bar production process is realized; when the count value of each bundle reaches the set value, the chain bed is controlled to stop, indicate the position of automatic steel splitting, guide or control the start and stop of the steel moving machine, and can be used to display the steel splitting position in real time to guide the steel splitting. The system enters the next working cycle.

2. On-Line Automatic Dividing Function Of Bars


The “Automatic Steel Splitting System” is an automatic steel separation device that performs target recognition, target tracking, and automatic separation technology on the basis of accurate counting. When the count value of each bundle reaches the set value, the chain bed will be controlled to stop and indicate the position of automatic steel splitting. The system will decide the steel splitting action according to the feedback bar distribution information of the visual inspection module and select the appropriate steel splitting action.

The steel dividing control module controls the mechanical action of steel dividing to complete the automatic steel dividing work, and the system enters the next working cycle.

Intended installation location of equipment

3. Functions Of Rebar Counting Machine

1) The automatic counting system collects the end-face images of moving bars from the side of the transfer chain, and realizes real-time counting after image detection, image recognition, and target tracking. When the bundle count value reaches the set value, it controls the start and stop of the transfer chain.

2) The automatic steel separation system will automatically stop the current transfer chain when the rated count of each bundle is full. The control module controls the mechanical action of steel splitting. In the process of steel separation, the visual feedback module tracks the movement of the bar in real-time, adjusts the steel separation strategy according to the change of the bar, accurately controls the separation of the bar at one end, and realizes the automation of counting and steel separation.

train operators and electrical personnel, rebar counting machine
Machine Vision System, rebar counting machine

4.Installation Project


Steel Bar counting system Online Automatic Steel Bar Counting And Separation System Steel Bar counting system Online Automatic Steel Bar Counting And Separation System

Steel Bar counting system Online Automatic Steel Bar Counting And Separation System Steel Bar counting system Online Automatic Steel Bar Counting And Separation System

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