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Why choose LMM ROLLS?

  • One of the largest enterprises specializing in the production of high-performance high-speed steel series products in China
  • OEM for BRC
  • Long-term supplier for Gerdau
  • Certification:ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
  • Annual capacity: Cast rolls 30,000 tons/year;Forged rolls 5,000 tons/year.
  • Main technical staff and key workers are with over 20 years experience in roll industry

LMM GROUP main products focus on the cold and hot plate & wide strip mill rolls and heavy section mill rolls and big casting & forging pieces. We can provide characteristic service and differentiated products according to the different conditions of rolling mill.

LMM Rolling mill rolls list


  • Alloy indefinite chilled cast iron rolls
    Application:Section mill, bar mill, intermediate and finishing stands of wire-rod mill Protile, rod and wire, narrow strip mill tinishing stand, Plato, flat rack, strip finishing
  • Alloy chilled cast iron rolls
    Application: Section mill, bar mill, wire rod mill narrow strip mill, finishing stand
  • Alloy SG rolls
    Application: Profiles, rods, wire and narrow strip mill thick, in the rolling mill stand
  • Pearlitic ductile cast iron roll
    Application: Profiles, rods, wire and narrow strip mill thick, in the rolling mill stand
  • Bainite ductile cast iron roll
    Application:Beam, bar, wire rod mill rolling, prefinishing mill stand; seamless steel pipe mill reducing rack set
  • Centrifugal cast iron roll
    Application:Beam, bar, wire rod mill finishing stand; Tropical rough rolling and rolling and finishing work roll front; Wide plate mill work roll
  • Alloy cast steel rolls
    Application:Bar, wire, strip, strip, steel rough rolling,’ narrow steel support rollers
  • Semi-steel roller
    Application: Bar, wire, steel, crude and rolled strip, vertical roller, roll rings, support rollers
  • Graphite steel rolls
    Application:Small and medium steel, thick wire rod mill, hot strip rough roll, roller universal rolling mill
  • High-chromium steel roll
    Application:Hot strip roughing and finishing work roll front, wide plate mill work roll;steel universal mill roll
  • High-speed steel roll
    Application:Rolled strip, bar finishing roller, high speed wire pre finishing, steel roller universal rolling mill, wide plate mill work rolls,Rough rolling hot strip mill work rolls, cold rolled strip steel work roll, intermediate roll

Application of high speed steel roll:

High-speed steel has only been used as a roll material for more than ten years. The reason why high-speed steel rolls are suitable for both plate and strip mills, wire and bar mills, and has achieved remarkable results is that high-speed steel has high The high wear resistance and hardenability, especially the red hardness at high temperature, make high-speed steel more suitable for use as a manufacturing material for rolls. At present, high-speed steel roll series products are widely used in:
● High-speed bar pre-finishing stand, finished product stand, finished product pre-rolling stand, pre-slicing stand, slitting stand of bar rolling mill
● High-speed wire rod mill pre-finishing mill
● Hot rolling narrow and medium wide steel rolling mill finishing line
● Finishing stand of spring flat steel mill and small section steel mills such as angle steel and channel steel

Compared with traditional ductile iron rolls and high-nickel-chromium rolls, high-speed steel rolls have higher steel passing per groove (times) due to their good wear resistance, which saves roll changing time, improves rolling mill operation rate, reduces roll consumption, and reduces production. cost, and improve the overall efficiency of the factory. Generally, the amount of steel passing in a single groove (times) is 3 to 5 times that of cast iron rolls, and the total amount of passing steel can be guaranteed to be more than 4 times on average. The following table shows the use effect of high-speed steel rolls on continuous bar rolling mills:

Service Case

Mexico on-site inspection and solution workshop

Production workshop

  • What is the process flow of LMM high speed steel roll manufacturing?

Product design→ Roll blank design→ Roll blank manufacturing→ Roll blank acceptance→ Annealing→ Rough turning→ Ultrasonic flaw detection→ High temperature quenching→ Low temperature tempering→ Ultrasonic flaw detection→ Finishing→ Ultrasonic flaw detection→ Roll body grinding→ Roll numbering→ Inspection→ Cleaning → Packing → Shipping → Warehousing → Inspection → Use and Maintenance → On-site Communication → Design Improvement.

As can be seen from the flow chart, roll manufacturing forms a closed-loop system from product design, production and manufacturing, use and maintenance, and improved design, and the quality of rolls is constantly improving.

  • What are the inspection rules for LMM high speed steel rolls?
  1. Check the size and surface quality of each part one by one;
  2. Carry out ultrasonic flaw detection three times one by one;
  3. Carry out hardness test piece by piece;
  4. The depth of the hardened layer of the roll body is affected by the manufacturing process.
  • What are the manufacturing and testing standards for LMM high-speed steel rolls?

First of all, the production and manufacturing must be organized according to the product drawings and technical requirements agreed by both the supplier and the buyer. The main standards are:

GB/T 13313-2008 Roller Shore, Leeb Hardness Test Method

GB/T 1503-2008 Cast steel rolls

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