The automatic placement equipment for wire rod corner protection pads

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The composition of the automatic placement equipment for wire rod corner protection pads

  • Feeding system

8 sets of automatic feeding units are installed horizontally on the horizontal outside of the 8 lanes of the baler, controlled by a set of PLC and touch screen, and interconnected with the baler on the PLC program.

The time period when the wire rod enters the baler, the baler sends a feeding command. Within 2 seconds, 8 sets of automatic feeding units simultaneously transport 1 piece of protective gasket to the designated station, and use the steel wire (or steel belt) and bundling The force generated by the head movement wraps the protective gasket on the position of the wire rod that needs to be protected, and realizes the automatic protection of the angle of the wire rod.

The strapping line can be designated for protection, and a single set of automatic feeding unit can also be operated independently or manually.

  • Material preparation system

In order to increase the speed of changing the reels, the 8 reels to be replaced are stored on the 4 material preparation devices, which is convenient for changing the reels.

The automatic placement equipment for wire rod corner protection pads

Advantages of automatic placement equipment for wire rod corner protectors:

  • Add a function

This patented technology is applicable to all brands and models of fully automatic horizontal balers, adding a function of automatically placing corner guard gaskets to the existing balers.

  • ensure the five no
  1. The transformation time is short, and the transformation can be carried out without affecting the production;
  2. Does not change or affect any original functions of the packer;
  3. Do not modify the key components of the baler;
  4. Does not affect the original daily maintenance and maintenance of the baler;
  5. No additional packing time inherent in the packing machine.
  • Improved security

The automatic placement of the corner protection gaskets greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers, and eliminates the safety accidents that may occur when the site workers work on the baler for a long time or work on the PF line.

  • Fully automated continuous operation

The automatic placement equipment and the baler are interconnected on the PLC program, fully automatic continuous operation, 500~1000 pieces of gaskets in one roll, 8 rolls can continuously protect 500~1000 bundles of wire rods, and realize automatic continuous production.

  • Downsizing

Reduce the demand for on-site workers, help enterprises to reduce staff, and increase per capita steel production capacity per ton.

  • Quality improvement of wire rod protection

In the case of qualified wire rod winding quality, the protection pass rate of small-size wire rod is higher than 98%; the pass rate of large-size wire rod is not lower than that of the current manual operation method.

  • Low maintenance cost

There is no need to add lubricating oil, grease, no hydraulic and pneumatic parts, mechanical parts are simple modular design, electrical software and hardware are easy to maintain, and the cost of spare parts is extremely low.

The automatic placement equipment for wire rod corner protection pads

The advantages of the new metal corner gasket

  • Strong applicability of metal gasket

The new angle protection gasket is made of metal, using aluminum or steel sheets to protect high temperature wire rods.

  • Improve the on-site working environment of steel mills

Compared with traditional gaskets, it protects the same number of wire rods. The new metal corner gaskets have 500~1000 pieces of gaskets in one roll, 8 rolls can continuously protect 500~1000 bundles of wire rods, and 8 rolls occupy about 0.33~0.4. m3, small storage area; no waste after use, improve the 6S management of the steel plant.

  • Improve the downstream user process of steel mills

If the new type of angle protection gasket is selected as steel sheet, it can be directly pickled together with the wire rod, so that difficult acid impurities will not be generated in the pickling tank, and the pickling tank will not be blocked.

  • Improve the on-site operating environment for downstream users of steel mills

Metal corner gaskets do not produce debris in the production process of downstream users of steel mills. Compared with traditional corner gaskets, they are small in size and greatly facilitate the on-site 6S management of downstream users of steel mills. They are highly praised by downstream users of steel mills.

  • Five, use environmental protection, easy to handle

The discarded metal corner gaskets are not solid waste, and the discarded metal can be recycled and is easy for downstream customers to handle.


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