Steel industry Stop-work order again! Six months!

From October last year to March this year, the “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei stop-up tide” is still vivid, and this year’s suspension order has come again! ! Recently, the state issued the “Action Plan for the Comprehensive Management of Air Pollution in the Autumn and Winter of 2019-2020 in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the Surrounding Areas”, which […]

Domestic Needle Coke Capacity Release VS Imported Raw material price rising.

Faced with the rising trend of imported raw materials,how will the game between buyers and sellers be deduced?what impact will the centralized release of new production capacity of domestic needle coke in the second half of the year have on the market? In terms of import and export,China’s total export of graphite electrodes in January-November […]

Application of high temperature antioxidant impregnated electrode

1. In recent years,the state has resolutely banned the floor bar steel,resulting in a sharp drop in scrap steel prices,many new electric furnaces have been built in China,which has led to a large increase in the use of graphite the same time,under the pressure of environmental protection,many electrodes manufacturers that do not meet the […]

Prices of needle coke for graphite electrodes have been sharply increased

The latest news shows that the price of imported Philip 66 needle coke increased generally in the first half of 2019, with the price of graphite electrode needle coke rising by 23.53% and that of negative material needle coke by 16.67%. From January to June 2019, the price of imported Philip 66 needle coke from […]

Graphite electrode overcapacity price enters the downward channel

With the environmental protection supervision and supply-side reform, the demand for needle coke for ultra-high power and high power graphite electrodes has been accelerated, and the demand for needle coke for artificial graphite anode of lithium-ion power battery has increased year by year in recent years, which has further boosted the demand for needle coke […]

Graphite electrode production, needle coke reserve

As we all know, needle coke is a high-quality raw material for producing high-power and ultra-high-power electrodes, anode materials and other high-end carbon products. Graphite electrodes made of needle coke have strong thermal shock resistance, high mechanical strength and oxidation resistance. Good, low electrode consumption and high allowable current density. Needle coke can be divided […]

Needle coke and graphite electrode

Raw material is the key factor to determine the basic characteristics of carbon materials.In terms of UHP and HP graphite electrode production, high quality needle coke is the first choice, but also high quality binder asphalt, impregnating agent asphalt.But only high-quality raw materials, the lack of equipment, technology, management elements and related proprietary technology, also […]