Refractory brick|Magnesium carbon brick raw material selection impact on product performance|

After the first successful research in Japan, the magnesia carbon brick was first used in the hot spot of the high and ultra high power electric furnace and the air supply nozzle of the bottom blowing converter. In the future, Japan used magnesia carbon bricks in various parts of the converter. The life of the converter is increased by about 1.3 to 1.6 times compared with the magnesium dolomite brick immersed in tar.

Damage of 180t converter lining in a factory

The top-bottom combined blown converter is currently the most widely used steelmaking equipment in the world, and the length of the lining life directly affects the converter operation rate and production cost of the steel mill. In recent years, with the development of converter steelmaking towards high-strength, large-scale and smelting high-quality steel grades, higher requirements have been placed on furnace-lined refractories.