Nickel-chromium-molybdenum indefinite cold hard cast iron roll breaking method

From the analysis of the chemical composition of the broken roll, except for the high S content, the content of other elements is basically normal, and the macroscopic structure of the roll is not too abnormal. The author observed on the spot that there was a problem with the “cast iron” in the charge. The […]

Ink non-limiting cold-hard roll cycle spheroidization

During the period of time, the engineer systematically observed the materials, smelting, spheroidizing, gestating and pouring, and found the problem in the 14th smelting. The plant collects the slag from the molten iron after the spheroidization with magnesium addition to a certain amount (this period is about one month), and it is once put into […]

Solution to the bad spheroidization in the core of medium centrifugal roll

A roll mill is producing small and medium-sized centrifugal rolls. The water spheroidizing agent is made of rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon alloy (FeSiMg8RE5), and the rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon alloy is added in an amount of 1.80%~2.30%. A rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon alloy is used as a spheroidizing agent, and is spheroidized by a punching […]

Analysis of causes of loss of 180t furnace lining

Preface There are 180t top and bottom combined blowing converter in a steel plant. The lining is built by simple upper repair method, and the working layer is made of magnesia carbon refractory brick. The converter has been put into operation from February 2009 to March 2010, with a furnace life of 8288 times. In […]

SPCD Strip defect analysis of hot rolled steel plate


Introduction The foreign substances in the black stripe defect are mainly magnesium-alumina spinel and feldspar, and a small amount of perovskite, which comes from ladle slag.The foreign material in the gray stripe defect is mainly magnesium oxide and contains a small amount of feldspar.The foreign material in the irregular strip gap is mainly alumina, containing […]