Analysis of roll assembly technology and precautions in use management


Description:Roll is the main component of rolling mill, so the assembly technology of roll determines the technical level of rolling mill to a considerable extent and affects the quality of calendering products. Roll is not only an important content of rolling mill design, but also the main management object of organizing production. Therefore, the establishment […]

Magnesium refractory castable for tundish slag weir

Description:The tundish is an important thermal equipment for the high temperature molten steel after smelting to enter the continuous casting process. In order to improve the flow state of the liquid in the tundish under the action of the kinetic energy of the ladle injection, the refractory lining of some large-capacity tundishes is also equipped […]

Analysis and research on wear laws of section steel rolling rolls

Description:This paper main writes how to find the cause of roll wear and how to improve it from the law of wear Title:Analysis and research on wear laws of section steel rolling rolls Keyword:Rolling roll, rolling roll wear, steel rolling rolls   The wear of the profile steel pass is directly related to the production […]