Magnesia carbon bricks are very suitable for the requirements of iron and steel smelting due to their superior high temperature resistance, slag erosion resistance, and good thermal shock stability. Taking advantage of the properties of carbon materials that are difficult to be wetted by slag and molten steel and magnesia, high slag resistance and solvent resistance, […]

What kind of refractory castable is used for the electric furnace cover

The electric furnace cover is suitable for steel fiber refractory castables. Because the electric furnace cover works under high temperature erosion and rapid cooling and rapid heating, the service conditions are quite harsh. Building with high alumina bricks is prone to peeling off due to electrical holes. The steel fiber reinforced castable has excellent thermal […]

Introduction to mill rolls knowledge

Cast iron roll The carbon content of cast iron roll is about 2.5%~3.5%. According to the main material, it can be divided into four categories: ordinary cast iron roll, high Ni-Cr infinite cold-hardened composite cast iron roll, high chromium composite cast iron roll and alloy nodular cast iron roll. Common structures in cast iron rolls […]

Steel Bar Counter System Machine Learning

Background of the project:In 2016, two sets of steel bar counting machine separation equipment were installed, and in 2019, the light source was upgraded and upgraded. Currently, there are 3 sets of red lights. The diameter of rebar produced is 8-50mm, and the operation and accuracy of the equipment have been normal, but there have been many […]

Rebar automatic counting & splitting system Installation Site – Turkish Steel Mill

Rebar automatic counting & splitting system

Time: August 18, 2022 – September 14, 2022Location: Turkey On August 18, 2022, LMM GROUP engineers arrived at the Turkish steel mill to carry out a one-month installation of Rebar automatic counting & splitting system. LMM GROUP engineers conducted on-site layout surveys. In the process of equipment operation, according to the needs of customers, the […]

Automatic Re-bar Counting & Separating System service – LMM GROUP

On November 29, 2022, LMM GROUP engineers arrived at Dubai Steel Works. The first day of field work was carried out.Engineer Jacky made on-site measurement and evaluation. In order to achieve the best results, he explained to the customer where the current equipment needs to be adjusted. The customer agreed, and then went all out […]

forged rolls manufacturing process

forged rolls manufacturing process is: Electric arc furnace smelting → LF \ VD refining → ingot casting → annealing → cleaning → electroslag remelting → annealing → forging → post forging heat treatment → rough machining → preliminary heat treatment → semi finishing → dual frequency quenching or differential temperature treatment → cryogenic treatment → […]

what are forged rolls?

Forged rolls is a metallurgical term, including smelting, ingot casting, forging, cold rolling work rolls and backup rolls. forged roll manufacturing process: Including smelting, ingot casting, forging, and cold-rolled work rolls and back-up rolls with high requirements for post-forging production. Since the 1960s, the main processes of steel heat treatment, rough machining, final heat treatment, […]

What are the types and characteristics of cast iron rolls

1) Alloy chilled cast iron rollThe alloy chilled cast iron roll is formed by using the supercooling degree of molten iron itself and the method of cold surface chilling to form a white layer. There is basically no free graphite in the matrix structure of the working layer of the roll body, and the metallographic […]