Characteristics of mold copper tube

Mold copper tubes are highly technical in their field. Maybe everyone doesn’t know the function and function of the mold copper tube, let’s learn about it today. Crystalline copper tube has a very wide range of functions and plays a very important role in industrial manufacturing. For example, crystalline copper tubes are used in the manufacture […]

furnace rolls for Stainless Steel

Furnace roll is an important equipment in the metallurgical industry and an indispensable processing equipment. It is mainly used in annealing furnaces. The material and performance of the hearth roll affect the working efficiency.

Status of forged steel rolls

Forged steel rolls can be divided into forged steel hot rolls and forged steel cold rolls. Forged steel hot rolls are mainly used for hot rolling and section steel roughing rolls, and forged steel cold rolling rolls are widely used as cold rolling work rolls. Due to the high quality requirements of cold-rolled sheets, especially cold-rolled […]

What is the use of magnesia carbon brick

The magnesia-carbon brick magnesia-carbon refractory was successfully developed by the United States in the mid-1960s. In the 1970s, the Japanese steel industry began to use magnesia-carbon bricks in water-cooled electric arc furnace steelmaking. At present, magnesia-carbon bricks have been widely used in steelmaking around the world, and have become a traditional use of graphite. In the early […]