Cases Of Nodules Caused By Too High Roughness Of Furnace Rolls

a) Nodules on the surface of the rolls must first have nodular substances, that is, various small particles, which are relative to strip steel in this regard. The greater the surface roughness of the coating, the greater the friction with the strip, and the easier it is to cause the oxides and iron filings attached […]

Analysis on the Causes of Inclusions in Continuous Casting Billets

Due to the wide range of sources and complex composition of inclusions, inclusions are firstly classified into endogenous inclusions and exogenous inclusions according to their generation methods. Endogenous inclusions mainly refer to non-metallic inclusions produced by the molten steel itself; external inclusions mainly refer to inclusions brought in during the pouring process, such as ladle, […]

Advantages and disadvantages of low temperature heating and rolling of bar and wire

Low temperature rolling generally refers to low temperature heating rolling. It is to heat the billet to a temperature lower than the conventional heating temperature and rolling at a temperature lower than the conventional hot rolling temperature. damage. Saving energy and reducing consumption is always an important task of the iron and steel industry. In […]


AC electric arc furnace steelmaking equipment includes three parts: furnace body, mechanical equipment and electrical equipment. The layout of the electric furnace equipment is shown in the figure. The equipment structure of the electric arc furnace is mainly determined by the steelmaking process, and it is also related to the capacity of the electric furnace, […]