What are the factors that affect the scratch of the furnace roll?

In the production of furnace rolls, some small defects, such as sinking roll scratches, sometimes occur. How does this phenomenon happen? What are the influencing factors? In fact, there are many influencing factors. For example, in terms of equipment, there are generally the following reasons: a, The mechanical structure of the settling roll device should […]

Cold mill roll life and flaw detection standards

The main links in the manufacturing process of cold rolls are smelting, forging, heat treatment, processing and inspection. Cold rolls have to bear a lot of rolling stress during the working process, and problems such as welding seams, inclusions and edge cracks in the rolled piece are easy to lead to instantaneous high temperature, which […]

How to improve the use efficiency of the copper tube of the mold?

The crystal copper tube is a very important component, which is responsible for the condensation and forming of molten steel. Its quality directly affects the quality of the billet, and also has a great impact on its own life. In the continuous casting production process, thermal deformation often occurs due to the contact, corrosion and […]

Features of magnesia carbon brick

There are two kinds of brick-making methods for magnesia-carbon bricks: fired oil-impregnated magnesia-carbon bricks and unburned magnesia-carbon bricks. The former brick-making process is more complicated and is rarely used. Here, only the characteristics of the brick-making process of unburned magnesia-carbon bricks are briefly described. Preparation of mud. The choice of particle critical size is important […]