Product Description of Different Types of Furnace Rolls

Furnace rolls are specialized rolls found in furnaces to keep the furnace running efficiently. When it comes to these and furnace rolls, there are several different types, each with different specific functions. Let’s look at the different types of furnace rolls. Vertical annealing furnace rollVertical annealing furnace rolls are used to connect galvanized lines and […]

Roll die stretch of metal wire

As we all know, the traditional production method of metal wire is integral die drawing. This method is relatively simple, but there are many shortcomings. The friction force in the deformation area is large, and a large amount of energy is consumed, which greatly affects the deformation process. In order to reduce the stretching friction, […]

How to prevent oxidation of mold copper tube?

The mold copper tube has good thermal conductivity and thermal conductivity, but it is easy to oxidize in the air. The use of antioxidants, also known as copper antioxidants, can improve the discoloration and oxidation resistance of mold copper tubes. A passivation film is formed on its surface to prevent the surface from darkening and […]

Main properties and uses of magnesia carbon bricks

Magnesia-carbon bricks are made of magnesia, dead-burned magnesia, fused magnesia, high-purity magnesia and high-quality graphite and bauxite additives. The price of magnesia-carbon bricks and its performance have a lot to do with the graphite content in the bricks. As the graphite content increases, the strength of the brick decreases, the thermal expansion rate decreases, and […]