Automatic Re-bar Counting & Separating System service – LMM GROUP

On November 29, 2022, LMM GROUP engineers arrived at Dubai Steel Works. The first day of field work was carried out.Engineer Jacky made on-site measurement and evaluation. In order to achieve the best results, he explained to the customer where the current equipment needs to be adjusted. The customer agreed, and then went all out […]

forged rolls manufacturing process

forged rolls manufacturing process is: Electric arc furnace smelting → LF \ VD refining → ingot casting → annealing → cleaning → electroslag remelting → annealing → forging → post forging heat treatment → rough machining → preliminary heat treatment → semi finishing → dual frequency quenching or differential temperature treatment → cryogenic treatment → […]

what are forged rolls?

Forged rolls is a metallurgical term, including smelting, ingot casting, forging, cold rolling work rolls and backup rolls. forged roll manufacturing process: Including smelting, ingot casting, forging, and cold-rolled work rolls and back-up rolls with high requirements for post-forging production. Since the 1960s, the main processes of steel heat treatment, rough machining, final heat treatment, […]

What are the types and characteristics of cast iron rolls

1) Alloy chilled cast iron rollThe alloy chilled cast iron roll is formed by using the supercooling degree of molten iron itself and the method of cold surface chilling to form a white layer. There is basically no free graphite in the matrix structure of the working layer of the roll body, and the metallographic […]

What are the production requirements for the copper mould tube?

The copper mould tube is an indispensable configuration in the casting process. It is the key component of the continuous casting machine. It can prevent the leakage of molten steel during use, and can ensure the thickness of the product under the condition of ensuring the pull-out speed. So, in order to achieve such a […]

What is the difference between magnesia carbon brick and aluminum magnesia carbon brick

What is the difference between magnesia carbon bricks and aluminum magnesia carbon bricks? The difference between magnesia carbon bricks and aluminum magnesia carbon bricks is that the raw materials used are different. Magnesia carbon bricks are resin-bonded bricks made of fused magnesia. Made of sand and graphite. Magnesia-carbon bricks, if necessary, can also add antioxidants, […]

How is the coating of the furnace roll made?

To put it bluntly, the use of appearance engineering technology is coating, and protecting the appearance of furnace rolls has become a widespread phenomenon. According to different directions and temperatures, in order to meet the corresponding application requirements, coatings with corresponding functions are prepared, such as low-temperature supersonic spraying, medium-high temperature plasma or blasting spraying. […]

Development of foreign casting high speed steel rolls

Casting high-speed steel rolls were first successfully developed by the Japanese in 1988 and used in hot strip rolling mills. The United States began to introduce high-speed steel rolls in the early 1990s, and Europe started relatively late. High-speed steel rolls are generally defined as tool steels that have the ability to maintain hardness during […]

How to judge the expiration life of mold copper tube?

Mold is an important equipment of continuous casting machine, which plays an important role in the solidification and forming of molten steel. In the process of continuous casting, the inner surface of the copper tube of the mold is in contact with the high-temperature molten steel. Under the comprehensive influence of chemical corrosion, thermal erosion […]