Roll bending technology in strip production

1  Roll bending technology and positive and negative bending   In strip production, the bending and channeling roll devices are an indispensable part. Bending roller can improve strip shape; Roll channeling is horizontal roll channeling, improve the efficiency of roll, and extend roll life. However, in actual use, bending and shifting roller devices often appear […]

Features and product solutions of hot rolling

1. Characteristics of hot rolling Hot rolling generally refers to rolling performed above the recrystallization temperature of the metal. During hot rolling, the deformed metal has both hardening and softening processes. Due to the influence of the deformation speed, as long as the recovery and recrystallization process is too late, the metal will produce a […]

Features and working principle of six-high rolling mill

1 Types and characteristics of six-high rolling mills 1.1 Types At present, HC rolling mills are commonly referred to as HC rolling mills with moving intermediate rolls, also known as HCM six-high rolling mills. In actual industrial production, due to the need to adapt to the needs of different products, six-high rolling mills have developed […]

Gapless rolling technology

1. Overview Liugang’s three-bar main rolling mill is ф610×6+ф430×6+ф380×6 full-continuous bar short-stress line rolling mill, using 165mm×165mm×10000mm continuous casting billet, mainly producing hot rods with a diameter of φ18mm-φ40mm. Rolled ribbed bars. The design maximum line speed of the finished rack is 15m/s, and the annual output is 1 million tons. In order to further […]

Analysis of Factors Affecting Bar Continuous Rolling Round Bar Size

1. Analysis of Influencing Factors   1.1 The influence of the instability of the blank section size on the finished product size Due to the irregular change of the blank section, the filling conditions of each flight are different, resulting in changes in the micro-tension control. When the change is more serious, it will affect […]