Features and working principle of six-high rolling mill

1 Types and characteristics of six-high rolling mills 1.1 Types At present, HC rolling mills are commonly referred to as HC rolling mills with moving intermediate rolls, also known as HCM six-high rolling mills. In actual industrial production, due to the need to adapt to the needs of different products, six-high rolling mills have developed […]

Analysis on Quality Control of Wire Spinning

Main Factors Affecting Spinning Quality In the production of high-speed wire rods, the quality of the coils spit out by the laying machine often has tail flicks, large and small circles, out-of-round circles, larger or smaller coils, and uneven tiling on the air-cooled roller table, etc. These phenomena have a serious impact on Set rolls […]

Analysis and Improvement of Inclination Failure Causes of Vertical Rolling Mill

Tiantie 1750mm rolling mill has been put into operation for more than 7 years, and the equipment in the early stage was running well. However, with the acceleration of the production rhythm, the wear and tear of the equipment increased and the precision decreased. Therefore, during the production process, side pressure devices such as small […]