In steelmaking process, the following measures can effectively avoid electrode breakage and release: (1) correct electrode phase sequence, counterclockwise direction. (2) The scrap is evenly distributed in the furnace, and the large scrap is placed at the bottom of the furnace as far as possible. (3) Avoid the existence of non-conductive materials in scrap steel. (4) The electrode pillar is aligned with the furnace top hole, and the electrode pillar is parallel. The furnace top hole wall should be cleaned regularly to avoid the accumulation of residual steel slag and forcing the electrode off. (5) Keep the tilting system in good condition and keep the tilting stable. (6) The electrode gripper should avoid clamping at the electrode joint and the hole of the electrode joint. (7) Choose joints with high strength, high processing accuracy and high quality. (8) The moment applied to the connection of the electrodes should be appropriate. (9) Before and during the connection of the electrode, the thread of the electrode hole and the thread of the joint are prevented from being mechanically damaged. (10) Prevent steel slag or foreign body from embedding into the electrode hole and joint to influence the spinning.    

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