Graphite electrode is made of high quality petroleum coke, asphalt coke and other raw materials through crushing, calcining, grinding, medium crushing, screening, batching, kneading, shaping, roasting, graphitization and mechanical processing. Arc furnace and electric furnace are used as conductive materials. Graphite electrodes are widely used in industrial metallurgy and are used in almost every industry.

People often say that several dipping and baking, refers to the production process of many times after dipping bitumen coke and other raw materials, and repeatedly roasted graphitized graphite electrode. Two dipping three baking, refers to the second dipping process, three times roasted graphite electrode. Three dipping and four baking refers to three dipping processes and four roasting of graphite electrode. Impregnation is an important process to strengthen the performance of graphite electrode, which greatly improves the conductivity, flexural resistance and compressive resistance of graphite electrode.

Graphite electrode batching process, calcined coke after crushing, can be different sizes of carbon particles materials, in order to obtain high quality graphite products, we need to different particle size of carbon materials and different kinds of raw materials appropriate mixture. In the production of carbon and graphite products, the correct formulation and accurate batching operation will have a great impact on the pressing and calcining of graphite chemical order. The present production formula is based on specific conditions, after a long period of production practice gradually summarized, improved.

When determining a recipe, attention should be paid to each product in the use of different materials, the aggregate particles and the binder dosage, also, the corresponding adjustment theory tells us that the accumulation of such big balls to take the same situation, one of the largest space filling rate is 74.05%, so in the middle of the ball forming two types of gap and a tetrahedral gap and an octahedral gap and fill in basic sphere of tetrahedral gap sphere diameter is 0.225, and octahedral gap filling large particles sphere of sphere diameter can be equal to 0.441.


Graphite electrode using experimental method to choose the proportion of various granularity, first made experiments, two kinds of particles with a larger particles and another small particles, with big grain weight of 100 grams, and then put it separately and 0-100 grams of the second particle mixing, and then take the maximum density of 100 g of the mixture, then mixed with 0-100 grams of the third kind of particles, then select the third largest mixture density, mixed with the fourth granularity, do a series of experiments, until get the right mix, below is 1.5, 1.0 and 1.0, less ash coke two mixture density of 1.3 mm.

Graphite electrode

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