MINI Rolling Mill

A new type of dual-stand wire rod MINI mill was developed by LMM GROUP co cooperation factory. This kind of MINI mill installed in the existing 10 finishing mill and spinning machine, Φ 5.5 mm wire speed can be increased from the original 90 m/s to 105 m/s, can improve the production of small specifications wire, as well as part of rolling temperature control, can be realized. With little investment, this mill is very suitable for the transformation of the old line.

MINI Rolling Mill Features:

  • Φ5.5mm wire, improve the speed from 90m/s to 105m/s
  • Three times lower cost than KOCKS plant
  • The maintenance of high efficiency
  • Low spare parts cost
  • The company has successfully developed a full set of high-wire equipment with 45° top crossing, design speed of 115m/s and guaranteed speed of 95m/s.
  • Up to now, this product has occupied more than 80% market share of domestic high line mill in China, and sold to SURANA steel company in India, realizing the first export of domestic high line mill.
  • Our company formally entered the short stress bar mill market, began to manufacture and provide a full range of bar mills for domestic steel mills.
  • The company began to cooperate with SMS MEER, which opened the international market and improved the level of technical manufacturing
  • Our company has signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with SMS MEER for high-rigidity bar rolling mill products, and started to cooperate with a variety of products. Currently, we have provided more than 300 sets of various types of rolling mills for use in Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Egypt, Brazil, South Korea, Israel and other countries and regions. This means that the quality of our products has been internationally recognized, for our extensive participation in the international competition in the future laid the foundation.
  • Budget: 7 million/set (1 set of 2 sorties), including electromechanical equipment, etc
  • The main problem is to solve the problem that the customer cannot achieve high-speed rolling due to the limited space
  • Compared with KOCKS mill, the cost and maintenance cost are reduced

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