Alumina carbon slide
gate plate

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Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001
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Using Position: large and middle size ladles & converter
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Alumina carbon slide gate palte for ladles

This product adopts tabular alumina, carbonaceous materal and iconia-containing material as main raw materials adds in high perormance antioidant, uses phenoic resinas binder, then buned under high temperature. Have the advantages o igh strength, good eroion reistance, themal shock resistace and good stabit ete, many ued in argeand middle size ladles.

Alumina carbon slide gate palte for Converter

This product is used to control roughing slag and flowing, have the advantages of high strength, good erosion restance. thermal shock resistance and good stability.

Production Process

Raw material – Corundum,Bauxite,Graphite,Carbon black ⇒ Mixing ⇒ Saving,around 8h ⇒ Molding ⇒ Air Storage ⇒ Test Semi-finished product ⇒ Dry ⇒ Sintering (lmmersed) ⇒ Unburned ⇒ Add Steel Shell ⇒ Grinding ⇒ Printing & Lubricant coating ⇒ Cooling ⇒ Testing ⇒ Packing

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