Automatic Spraying Mark Machine

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Hot steel billet automatic spraying mark machine (aluminum wire/copper wire)

  1.  Design and configurate corresponding spraying mark equipment according to site actual situations.
  2. The metal wire sprayed by electric arc is suitable for marking large cross sections, the spraying character is firmly.


Robot Plasma Marking System

  1.  Using the principle of high-energy beam scoring to realize automatic identification;
  2. Not limited by the temperature of the billet surface, not affected by the flatness of the infinite billet surface, the characters will never wear out;
  3. Non-contact identification method, low maintenance cost and no subsequent consumption cost.


Steel plate / steel coil / steel pipe mark spraying machine (painting).

  1. Use the spray gun to paint to form the handwriting on the surface of the billet, the handwriting is eye-catching;
  2.  Special nozzle design is not easy to plug, the amount of paint consumption is small;
  3.  Match with high temperature paint (200~ 1000°C), handwriting is not easy to fall off


Character size Numbering machine: 16mm high x 8mm wide (standard)
Number spraying machine: height: 80-120mm, adjustable; width: 70% of character height
High energy beam: height: 30~150mm, adjustable; width: 70% of character height
Depth of word marks Numbering machine: 1~2mm
High energy beam: 1~4mm
Number of characters Set as needed
Font mould life (numbering machine) More than 50,000 times
Labeling time Numbering machine <1.2s / single character
Number sprayer <3s/single character
High energy beam <2s/single character
Object temperature KoMHaTHaR Texmeparypa常温~ 1000°C


Robot hot billet / steel coil / steel pipe spraying mark machine

  1. The 6-axis mechanical arm can be used to mark multiple areas, and the axial and radial directions of the steel coil can be marked;
  2. The number spraying device can be designed according to the actual situation of the steel plant, and the number spraying speed is fast;
  3. Character size, spacing and position can be adjusted, and the writing is clear and beautiful.
Robot spraying mark machine
Marking speed Single spray gun 1.5s/character (character height 100mm)
Max working time 3.2m
Printing position Cast blank end face or roll blank arc
Working object temperature 400-800℃


Robot labeling Machine:

  1. Labeling by means of a robotic hand improves the efficiency and quality of the marking;
  2. The labeling of the manipulator is not limited by the end surface, and can be applied to steel coils of different specifications;
  3. The logistics information is very comprehensive, and the content of the logo is not limited. It can realize the printing of numbers, letters and other content, and the recognition is simple.
Robot labeling Machine
Label type HP-L80:Temperature resistance -40~1000*C HP-L90: Temperature resistance -40~1200°C
Label size Length*Width≤( 40-150)* (40-80) mm
Mark time 20s (depending on the scene, if you need a robot to walk, you need to add the walking time)


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