Cardan shaft

LMM GROUP Cardan shaft factory mainly produce universal shaft, coupling, and all kinds of metallurgical accessories professionalmanufacturers.

Mainly products: SWC type, SWP type cross cardan shaft, CL, CLZ, GIGL, GlICL, GCLD, GIICLD, NGCL,WG.wGZ,WGT, the HL, LT,LZ, LM, SL,etc. Various kinds of series type of coupling and variousmetallurgical parts.

Application: metallurgical machinery,mining machinery , liftingmachinery, transportation machinery,petroleaum,chemical machinery,paper machinery, light industrymachinery, ete. Various kinds of machinery industry.



Application scenarios

Types of LMM GROUP Cross Shaft Universal Couplings:

The cross shaft universal coupling mainly includes SWC, SWP universal coupling, G/GD small universal joint, and WSS retractable universal coupling.

Features of the cross shaft universal coupling:
The amount of angular compensation is large, and the angle between the two axes of the universal coupling of different structural types is different, generally between ≤5°-45°, compact structure and high transmission efficiency.

Working principle:

The universal coupling utilizes the characteristics of its mechanism, so that the two shafts are not on the same axis, and when there is an angle between the axes, the connected two shafts can be rotated continuously, and the torque and motion can be reliably transmitted.

Processing Equipment:

We have the mechanical design, heat treatment, welding, measurement, mechanical processing,etc, Various kinds of equipment more than sixty sets. With an annual production of 3000 tons of production processing power.

Application examples


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