Converter automatic tapping technology

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By the Angle, distance and so on many kinds of sensor precision testing and monitoring camera system, control system, and automatically adjust the Angle of converter slag ladle car, tank car, alloy material, bottom blowing of converter, ladle bottom blowing, detection and control of slag tapping system coupling, more accurate, realizing converter blowing from the gun until the end of tapping a single intervention in the whole process of the automatic control.

Converter automatic tapping technology

  • Converter tilting steel car control

Traditional manual tilting control is to predict and intervene the furnace inertia manually. Automatic tilting control must readjust the transmission control method to realize ±1 degree accurate tilting stop position considering the inertia of the equipment and the impact force of starting and stopping.


  • Automatic control of ladle truck and slag tank truck

The position of ladle truck and slag tank truck determines the accuracy of the position of receiving molten steel and slag, which needs to be closely coordinated with the tilting Angle of furnace body. Ladle truck and slag tanker use electromagnetic lock brake control, equipped with a variety of safety and precise positioning devices, accurate feedback of vehicle position, to ensure the stability and reliability of the automatic control process.


  • Automatic control of alloy feeding system

Based on the final parameters of smelting and the target composition of molten steel through the cost optimization model, and combined with the big data of historical production, the alloy ratio and adding amount can be obtained at the optimal cost, and the weighing and cutting can be realized automatically in the process of steel production. Accurate position monitoring is set for feeding rotary chute to ensure that the position of chute is automatically rotated and positioned in strict accordance with the Angle of discharging and the moving distance of the steel tank truck.


  • Monitoring system

Monitoring system includes: bOF mouth liquid level monitoring; Monitoring of slag at the outlet of converter; Monitor the liquid level of steel water tank and slag tank; Weight monitoring of steel water tank and slag tank; Furnace lining condition monitoring, etc. By recompiling the monitoring software, the feedback information of the camera is transmitted to the first-level system, and in case of any abnormal situation, the relevant equipment actions are automatically judged and controlled. The weighing system is used to feed back the steel output to the tilting calculation model of the converter. Lining detection can accurately map the inner lining of the converter, compile and transmit it to the second-level calculation model through secondary development, and calculate the trajectory of steel tilting Angle intelligently for different furnace conditions.


  • Secondary control model

Tapping slag model combined with converter to realize automatic control of steel slag, according to the charging of molten iron scrap raw materials such as weight, the service life of converter lining, as well as the sublance test results, for the initial discharging Angle of the converter and the initial position of the ladle car control instruction, in the tapping process, for each stage of converter tilting Angle and the residence time of setting step by step, to avoid delay time is too short or too long caused by steel slag flow volume or the steel net, at the same time using furnace infrared imaging technology to thermal imaging of the oven, whether steel slag from the big front overflow, if discover the alert alarm immediately to give back to remind.

The system combines the big data analysis technology to fit and save the correlation change curve between the position of ladle truck and the inclination Angle of the converter in different smelting conditions and different stages of steel production. In the actual process of steel production, continuous modification and optimization are carried out to ensure the close coordination between the tilting of the converter and the position adjustment of ladle truck in the whole process of steel production and smooth steel production.


  • One – level system linkage technology

The technology mainly includes the converter tilt control and ladle truck (or slag tank truck) position control technology and the synchronization matching technology of related facilities (including alloy rotary chute and sliding plate slag stop device) in the process of automatic steel (or slag draw).If the Angle of the converter determines the track of steel flow when the steel is discharged, the ladle truck should be adjusted automatically according to the track, and the alloy rotary chute should be intelligently swung according to the position of the ladle truck. When the system determines the end of the steel based on a variety of test results, the sliding plate at the outlet will close automatically, and the end of the discharge will result in the automatic rotation of the converter.


  • Safety warning and protection technology

The stability of the equipment and the integrity and reliability of the model are the key points of the automatic control process.When there are problems in equipment operation, module control and other aspects, alarm should be given in time. According to the types of abnormal situations, automatic control actions or prompts operators to repair as soon as possible to avoid accidents.Radar scanning device is set up in the area under the furnace to monitor the safety under the furnace during the process of steel/slag extraction. Operators will be immediately notified when abnormal conditions are determined.


Comprehensive benefits

To realize automatic control of a single intervention, reduce the operating personnel and error, improve the working environment and personnel safety, stability and improve production efficiency, and can bring significant benefits for the enterprise, reduce the rocking furnace operator 2, reduce raw material consumption ~ 2 kg/t steel, reducing consumption of lime ~ 3 kg/t steel, reduce the waste of ferroalloy 0.2 kg/t steel, reduce oxygen consumption 1.0 Nm3 / t steel, reducing the loss of molten steel temperature ~ 15 ℃, shortening tap-to-tap time ~ 3 min, laid a solid foundation for enterprises to achieve comprehensive intelligent manufacturing.


The company strictly according to modern enterprise management requirements set up a perfectquality assurance system, and passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification,ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001:1999 occupationalhealth and safety management system certification.

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