GOR typical lining proposal solution

LMM GROUP refractory inheres the advanced technology, management experience and quality control from LMM YOTAI. We can manufacture various high-quality refractory products according to clients’ needs and to ensure the stability and accountability of the quality, we track and control the full manufacturing process through a variety of physical and chemical analysis.


Magnesia Dolomite Brick

Magnesia Dolomite Bricks ” Magnesite Dolomite bricks are made from high purity and density magnesia and sintered magnesia dolomite clinker with major components of periclase and lime. The brick is shaped under high pressure and fired with high temperature, with appropriate Mgo/Cao ratio raw materials to meet with the requirement of various applications.
Magnesite Dolomite brick offers good thermal resistance and anti-spalling performance purifying the steel by removing sulfur and phosphorus; while used in cement rotary kilns providing good coating protection to the kilns. Magnesite Dolomite brick is applied mainly in refining furnaces such as AOD, VOD, and ladles. Applied in the burning zone of cement refractory kiln as the replacement of magnesite chrome brick. “

GOD typical lining proposal solution

Magnesia-Carbon brick is resin-bonded brick made from dead-burned or fused magnesia and graphite. Anti-oxidant is added if required. Our control over bonding agents mean that these products are classed as eco friendly in terms of steel production. This material has good performance in thermal resistance, corrosion resistance, and spalling resistance.

These bricks are widely used in converters, EAFs, ladles, and refining furnaces.

Refractory Type ApplicationQuality Recommendation
Safety Lining BricksGOD typical lining proposal solutionSafety LiningMZ-91~~
Tuyere, Tuyere AreaMGT-8A~~
Other Area of BottomMGT-8BMGT-8C
Barrel, Upper ConeMG-20A~~
Monolithics SlaglineMT-12A~~
Installation MonolithicsN-1~~