Intelligent palletizing system

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Intelligent palletizing system helps the innovation and development of magnesia carbon brick automated production line!

  • Robot intelligent palletizing system

The robot intelligent palletizing system can be equipped with a shaped refractory electric screw press and a fully automatic hydraulic press to realize intelligent appearance cleaning, quality inspection, brick marking, standard stacking, and screening of unqualified products. Meet the needs of enterprises for automated production of shaped refractories.

The core parts of the system include:

  • Robot automatic palletizing software system
  • Appearance cleaning system
  • Laser visual quality inspection system
  • Automatic marking machine
  • Industrial robot palletizing unit
  • Robot automatic palletizing software system

Based on the underlying technology agreement of industrial robots, the system is interconnected with Yinglai’s independent research and development and internationally leading laser vision system, and is linked with automatic cloth system, press system, appearance cleaning system and automatic marking system to achieve cloth, cleaning, inspection Synchronous operation and efficient management of marking, waste screening, etc., to realize the intelligent production of semi-finished magnesia carbon bricks.

The software front-end humanized operation design, workers only need to enter a few sets of simple data in the software front-end, can automatically generate palletizing plan, perform palletizing work, while supporting the function of continuous palletizing.


  • Laser visual quality inspection system

The laser visual quality inspection system can accurately determine the appearance size, flatness, corner integrity and other data of the magnesia carbon brick. The data is uploaded to the management center through 5G, and the production status and qualification rate can be analyzed. At the same time, the press working status can be analyzed. Complete data traceability.



  • Industrial robot palletizing cell

This unit adopts a single robot double steel support station design, the robot adopts the first-line imported brand, the protection level reaches IP65, the life span can reach more than 15 years, the work accuracy is high, and the stability is good. The robot uses the sponge sucker fixture independently developed by Yinglai, which is compatible with different brick types and palletizing methods, and has good appearance protection. The terminal can be connected to the automatic transportation roller table and AGV transportation vehicle to realize fully automated linkage production.


  • Technical advantages

  • Industrial robot AI intelligent palletizing system, completely replacing manual labor
  • Robot group management and control system, with robots as the core, fully linked production line equipment data
  • Yinglai visual inspection system, online real-time high-precision data collection
  • Big data 5G transmission, real-time transmission of production line data, making production decisions more timely
  • Modular system, which can be implemented step by step according to your own needs, with strong system compatibility and easy to learn
  • Project expected benefit improvement



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