Long nozzle

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The long nozzle is a refractory material connecting the ladle and the tundish. When molten steel is poured from the ladle through the long nozzle into the tundish, it can prevent the molten steel from oxidizing and splashing. The main functions of Changshuikou are as follows:

  1. Stable molten steel flow state;
  2. Prevent secondary oxidation of molten steel and improve the quality of steel;
  3. Prevent molten steel from splashing.
Al2O3 ≥45
C+SiC ≥25
Bulk Density(g/cm3): ≥2.40
parent porosity

(%) :

Cold crushing strength(Mpa): ≥20
cold bending strength ≥5
Thermal Shock Resistance (1100℃) ≥5


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