Lower nozzle

Lower nozzle

LMM GROUP self-developed lower nozzle product formula uses plate-like corundum, white corundum, mullite and other main raw materials, selects flake graphite carbon source with good oxidation resistance, adds metal aluminum powder, metal silicon powder and other additives to improve the high temperature resistance Performance, with phenolic resin with high solid content and high residual carbon as binder. After integral molding with the steel shell or high-pressure forming of the blank body alone.

has good volume stability; it has excellent thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance to fold resistance, good thermal shock resistance, small hole expansion, and good erosion resistance. Wide adaptability and safe use.

Material LMM-9C LMM-9A LMM-14 LMM-14A LMM-34A LMM95CA LMM90CMA LMM-4
MgO 28 5 5
Al2O3 76 68 80 73 85 96.5 90 88
CaO 1.5 1.5 1.5
C 8 6 5.5 8 5
Bulk Density (g/cm3) 2.95 2.7 3.01 2.67 2.97 3.2 3.16 3.07
Apparent porosity(%) 5 9 6.5 6 7 13 13 14


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