Pearlitic ductile cast iron roll

The products of LMM Group have been exported to more than 90 countries, countries & areas in America, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, etc, forming strong and core competitiveness in steelmaking, continuous casting, rolling areas to supply high value-added, green, intelligent and one-stop solution and service to global customers in iron, steel, metallurgical industries, etc.

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C 3.00-3.40 3.00-3.40 3.00-3.40
SI 1.40-1.90 1.20-2.00 1.00-2.00
Mn 0.40-0.80 0.40-0.80 0.40-0.80
Ni 1.50-2.00 2.01-2.50 2.51-3.00
Cr 0.20-0.60 0.20-1.00 0.20-1.20
Mo 0.20-0.60 0.20-0.60 0.20-0.60
Mg ≥0.04 ≥0.04 ≥0.04
Barrel hardness 45-55 55-65 62-72
Neck hardness 35-55 35-55 35-55
Tensile strength >450 >450 >450
Application Profiles, rods, wire and narrow strip mill thick, in the rolling mill stand
barrel diameter≤1000mm, barrel lenght≤3000mm.


As professional one-stop solution provider, LIAONING MINERAL & METALLURGY GROUP CO., LTD(LMM GROUP) Established in 2007, and focus on engineering research & design, production & delivery, technology transfer, installation & commissioning, construction & building, operation & management for iron, steel & metallurgical industries globally. 

Our product have been supplied to world’s top steel manufacturer Arcelormittal, TATA Steel, EZZ steel etc. We do OEM for Concast and Danieli for a long time

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