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Refractory Material-EAF

Magnesia carbon bricks:

Application site: Side wall bricks
Select Model:S-NSA-110XMA

Especially S-NSA has developed as especially for side wall hot spots in bricks for electric arc furnace. In order to meet variety of needs, YOTAI supplies plenty of variations by replacing grade of raw materials or quantity of carbon, introduced below.

Feature of S-NSA

  • Base of carbon content is set as 20% to take advantage of carbon characteristics.
  • Varieties of brands are developed by corporate with different grades of raw materials and carbon contents.
  • High durability is carried out for hot spots by adopting high purity materials and dense construction.
  • Bricks used for except hot spots are took into account of balance and durability and cost by replacing grade of materials.
  • Low carbon type supports for oxidization damage by oxidization slag.

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[wptb id=10604]

Application site: Eccentric bottom tap hole
Select Model:MG-15SX

[wptb id=10605]

Application site: Electrode of furnace bottom
Select ModelMG-16BSX

[wptb id=10606]

AL2O3 Brick

[wptb id=10614]


[wptb id=10615]

Al2O3-SiC-C bricks

Application site: Eccentric bottom tap hole

Eccentric bottom tapping has been applied as a latest technology. High resistances to corrosion, spalling, oxidation are required for refractories for E.B.T. YOTAI provides the best material for each sections.

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Stamping materials(dry setting)- Magnesia dolomite

application site:EAF hearth 
Select Model:S-MD-DV

Wet type of stamping material, which magnesia is mixed with bittern solution and molded by rammer, is generally used for lining material for hearth of electric arc furnace. However, in case of severe operation conditions on hearth of DC furnace or any, dry type of magnesia-dolomite stamping material which emphasizes sinter ability is mainly chosen. YOTAI supplies kinds of materials introduced below.

Wet Type Stamping Material

  • Superior in slag corrosion resistance.
  • Grades are divided by magnesia raw material.
  • Mix after adding bittern solution or Magnesium Chloride powder with water
  • Constructed by rammer or vibrating stamping machine.

[wptb id=10620]

Dry Type Stamping Material

  • Superior to sinter ability. Dense and high intensity construction can be offered.
  • Grades are divided by amount of dolomite material.
  • Constructed by vibration fabrication in dry condition.

[wptb id=10621]

Gunning repairing material

application:EAF repairing
Select Model:G-HD100

These materials are applied for hot gunning for electronic furnace repair, and used of basic gunning material in general. Yotai consider for various kind of materials and develop the materials to get the satisfaction by user, and the introduction is mentioned as below.

Gunning repairing material


  • We have general type using virgin materials, and cost cut type using recycled materials.
  • Our general type has Magnesia G-E series for corrosion resistance, Magnesia dolomite G-MD/HD series for Sinterability to wall of furnace and Magnesia spinel type of G-E1SP/BSP8 for suitable to operation in low C/S slag line.
  • Our cost down type has Magnesia Chrome G-R2Y, that is made by recycled material. The recycled material after using at the furnace is provided by steel manufacturer, and is done for sizing and grading.

Table 1  Magnesia type

[wptb id=10627]

Table 2 Magnesia dolomite type

[wptb id=10628]

Table 3 Magnesia spinel、Magnesia chrome

[wptb id=10629]

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