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How to overcome the deformation of the upper part of the copper mould tube during the drawing process

How to overcome the deformation of the upper part of the copper mould tube during the drawing process? High-efficiency flanging crystallizer: It adopts the upper end of the crystal copper tube to suspend and the lower end free structure, which is beneficial to suppress the deformation direction caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the crystallizer copper tube during the continuous casting process. The upper edge of the copper tube of the crystallizer increases the resistance to thermal deformation of the upper mouth of the crystallizer. Due to the increase of the rigidity and strength of the upper port, the deformation of the copper tube of the mold during the drawing process is small, and the copper tube is not damaged by the deformation. The inner cavity taper trend, the upper mouth is sealed with the flange under the flange, the sealing ring can get enough cooling to improve the life of the sealing ring, the continuous drawing steel will not leak water phenomenon, the cutting assembly precision is high, the water gap is even, there is Conducive to the uniform cooling of the shell, which plays an important role in improving the quality of the slab


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