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Five systems of converter steelmaking

  • Five systems of converter steelmaking First: the loading system

(1) Stable loading capacity. The total loading of the vanadium converter is strictly controlled according to 59 ± 1 ton, and the total loading of the steelmaking converter is strictly controlled according to 61 ± 1 ton.

(2) The semi-steel and scrap steel can be properly adjusted according to the actual situation, but the total loading should be guaranteed to remain unchanged. In the case of laundering or vanadium-converting converter waste steel or half-steel is not exhausted, the converter chief will send the information to the front half-steel preparation staff to make corresponding adjustments to ensure the stability of the converter steelmaking converter loading.

  • Five systems of converter steelmaking Second: the oxygen supply system

(1) Oxygen supply pressure: strictly controlled between 0.75 ~ 0.80Ma;

(2) Gun position control: The operation mode of constant pressure and constant rheology gun is adopted, and the low-high-low three-stage operation method is adopted for the entire gun position.

(3) The deep blowing time of the low gun position before reversing at the later stage of the blowing process is 10-30 seconds, and the deep blowing gun position is 800 to 1000 mm from the liquid level of the gun head.

(4) The fluctuation of each gun position during the blowing process must not exceed 200mm.

(5) The fluctuation range of the gun position during the whole blowing process is: the distance between the gun head and the liquid surface is about 800 ~ 1400mm.

  • Five systems of converter steelmaking Third: the slagging system

(1) The reference value for the amount of lime calculated based on the content of molten iron P, the content of SiO2 in the scrap steel, the content of SiO2 in the ladle slag, and the alkalinity. Each furnace length can learn from it and adjust it appropriately according to the actual situation.

(2) The amount of the first batch of materials. The amount of lime in the first batch of slag should be between 1/2 and 2/3 of the total amount, and a certain amount of semi-steel heating agent is added. The amount of semi-steel heating agent is added to make the initial slag. Alkalinity up to 2.8 is the standard.

(3) Addition of process slag. The process slag is added in multiple batches and small batches. Among them, the amount of each batch should not exceed 200kg. In the middle and later stages of the blowing process, if the slag does not change well, an appropriate amount of slagging agent can be added to slag, each batch is between 50-100kg.

(4) Magnesite balls, heating agent must be added in the first batch of slag, the process is not allowed to add.

(5) Use of coke, coke is used in the case where the temperature of the semi-steel is too low (C <3.40%, T <1340 ℃) or the temperature of the furnace is too low. The addition amount of each furnace steel is between 300-800kg, and the adding time is after the blowing and pouring.

  • Five systems of converter steelmaking Fourth: the temperature system

(1) After the # 1 converter has finished the semi-steel, it should be sampled, measured and recorded in the half ladle. C content 3.2% -3.6%). When the length of 2 # and 3 # converters enters the converter of the semi-steel, the temperature, composition and display time of the semi-steel into the converter should be checked. The amount of scrap steel and slag is determined according to the actual situation, and whether the heating material (coke ding, coke mold) is used is measured to ensure that the blowing is normal. In order to ensure the temperature of the steelmaking converter, when the molten iron temperature is low, the amount of scrap steel can be appropriately reduced.

(2) The temperature of tapping should be reduced as far as possible under the condition of ensuring that the production goes straight. The temperature of argon before and after argon of various steels is strictly according to the standards issued by the factory.

(3) In the blowing process, try to use small slag operation and reduce splashing to reduce heat loss.

(4) Use scrap steel as much as possible to adjust the temperature, and the amount of scrap steel must not be less than 3 tons. After the amount of scrap steel is reduced, the coke can be used to supplement the heat.

  • Five systems of converter steelmaking Five: deoxidizing alloying system

(1) The furnace head and alloyer should understand the amount of molten iron and scrap steel and the situation of molten iron and scrap steel before blowing. The alloy is weighed 30 ~ 40kg / furnace less than the theoretical calculation limit, and 30 ~ 40kg alloy as spare.

(2) The alloyer should observe the condition of the furnace before the furnace in order to better control the amount of alloy added.

(3) Before the tapping, the furnace head and alloy worker should carefully check the equipment condition of the alloy chute and ladle, etc. to avoid

Secondary tapping.

(4) The production team should monitor the alloy baking situation at any time.

(5) When the blowing is abnormal, the furnace head should promptly notify the alloyer to increase the amount of deoxidizer and alloy in time.

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