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Hot Rolling Steel vs. Cold Rolling Steel-Stating the Difference

Rolling is a process that is followed in most metal making activities. Material is passed through a stock of rollers in order to maintain a level shape and thickness. Generally, there are two types of rolling, i.e., hot rolling and cold rolling. No matter what type of rolling, a mills roll makes the metal crafting process easier and hassle-free.

If into a steel making or metal processing business, make sure your mill rolls manufacturers deliver quality rolls that can provide better results. It is seen that people usually ask the difference between hot and cold steel rolls. While you may find different people having different perspectives, here’s a clear and a simplified explanation to differences between the two.

1.Hot Rolling Steel

As the name implies, hot rolling steel is processed at exceptionally high temperatures. These rolls are pressed at temperatures that are even higher than the recrystallization temperature for any steel material. The processing starts with heating a large rectangular sheet of steel.

It the rolling mill rolls that play a significant role here. The hot sheet is flattened and leveled on a set of rollers, and then further, the sheet is passed through a series of compression rollers. These rollers make sure the dimensions of the steel sheet are as per the requirements. Lastly, the sheet of steel is coiled and left to cool.

One should remember that once the rolled steel gets cooled, it is likely to contract. This is reflex action of the expansion process after heating the sheets. Therefore, the shape of hot steel rolls may get affected. This is the reason that hot steel rolls are utilized in industries where maintaining a definitive shape and size is not mandatory.

Characteristics of Hot Steel Rolls

  • Scaled exteriors as a by-product of cooling
  • Minor rounded edges along the corners and edges of steel bars
  • Minor irregularities as a result of the cooling process

2.Cold Rolling Steel

When hot rolled steel goes through some added processing steps, cold rolling steel is obtained. You need to make sure that the stainless steel tube mill manufacturer delivers rollers that save the time and efforts of producing cold steel rolls. In this process, the cooled hot steel roll is made to go through the rolling machinery again for a better end-product.

Be it rotating, grinding, or even polishing; roll mills process the steel through a series of stages so that it shapes up beautifully. In simple words, when a hot cooled down steel roll is further compressed between rolls, cold steel rolls are obtained. When perfect dimensions are what you seek for, cold rolling steel is what would fit the requirements.

On the contrary, when bar or tubes need to be shaped up, cold drawing is undergone instead of rolling. Cold rolling steel is nothing less than perfection when it comes to delivering a refined product. As a matter of fact, working on cold bars is harder due to increased carbon content. However, the same does not go for cold rolled sheets.

Characteristics of Hot Steel Rolls

  • Better finishing of the end product
  • A smooth exterior that is greasy to touch
  • The edges and corners are sharp and exact

Wrapping Up

These were the differences between hot steel rolls and cold steel rolls. Also, remember that hot steel rolls production is cheaper as compared to cold steel roll production. Lastly, do not forget the importance of mills rolls here. If thinking of establishing a metal refinery business, contact mill rolls manufacturers that have a reputation of delivering quality rolling equipment.


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