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How to maintain the slag mouth of the blast furnace


Blast furnace slag is an industrial solid waste. Slag discharged in the process of blast furnace ironmaking, also known as blast furnace slag, can be divided into steelmaking pig iron slag, casting pig iron slag, manganese iron ore slag and so on. Some regions of China and the Soviet Union and other countries use titanium magnetite to make iron and discharge vanadium and titanium blast furnace slag. Depending on the grade of the ore,0.3 to 1 ton of slag is discharged per 1 ton of iron smelted.The lower the grade of the ore, the greater the amount of slag discharged.

Slag gravel can be used instead of natural stone in China for highways, airports, foundation projects, railway slag, concrete aggregate and asphalt pavement, etc., can be used for: preparation of slag gravel concrete, application in weak foundations, asphalt pavement paved with slag gravel as a base material is both bright and good non-slip performance, but also has good wear resistance, shortening braking distance, used for railway slag can properly absorb vibration and noise generated when the train is walking. Expanded slag beads are a porous lightweight slag formed by quenching blast furnace slag slag with an appropriate amount of cooling water.The production methods are injection method,spray method, trench method and roller method. Can be used to make light aggregates, used to make interior wall panels, etc., can also be used for load-bearing structures. Blast furnace slag can also be used to produce slag cotton (a white cotton-like mineral fiber obtained by melting blast furnace slag as the main raw material and then refining the melt after melting in the melting furnace), glass-ceramic, silicon calcium slag fertilizer, slag cast stone, hot-cast slag and so on.

title:How to maintain the slag mouth of the blast furnace

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The maintenance of the slag outlet of the blast furnace is mainly to prevent and reduce the damage of each set of slag outlets to ensure the normal discharge of slag at the site. The reasons for the damage to the slag mouth are:

(1) there is a lot of iron in the slag, and the iron is in contact with the slag mouth(material copper), which can easily generate a low melting point iron-copper alloy, and the slag mouth is damaged.

(2) poor cooling water quality,fouling of waterways, resulting in poor thermal conductivity and burning out.

(3) The heat load is large,the cooling intensity is low or the internal structure is unreasonable,and the heat dissipation is not burned out in time.

Measures to prevent slag mouth damage, one is to improve slag fluidity,eliminate the accumulation of slag mouth area,do a good job in the hearth, and reduce the iron in the slag. The second is to improve the water pressure and water volume of the cooling water, improve the water quality,improve the slag mouth structure, and improve the cooling strength. The third is to strengthen the operation,pay attention to the situation of iron in the slag when discharging the slag. For a long time, the slag door should be blocked in time. The brick cover and mud cover of the slag door should be made well to prevent the burning out of three sets and two sets.

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