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Key points for baking new ladle


What is the impact of the lack of steel ladle baking time on the ladle?

  1. The temperature drops too fast after receiving the steel, which can easily cause the argon gas to be blocked;
  2. Conversion to refining is not conducive to raising temperature and prolonging smelting time;
  3. Waiting for the refining furnace to increase the temperature by a large amount can easily lead to the phenomenon of flushing, and even lead to accidents of bag wearing!

Ladle baking generally uses gas to bake. The total baking time of a new ladle is 24h, which can be divided into 3 stages:

  • The first stage is 6h: mainly low fire, no fan. The gas flame can be adjusted to the molten pool of the ladle, which is mainly to dry the moisture added in the various refractory mud and the surface of the refractory brick during the construction of the ladle. At this time, if the gas flame is too large, the surface of the refractory material may burst. .
  • The second stage is 8h: adjust the gas flame to the bottom of the ladle. Do not turn on the fan. The purpose is to heat up different parts and different refractory materials in the ladle as much as possible synchronously, and dry the moisture at the bottom of the castable.
  • The third stage is 10h: the gas flame is adjusted to hit the bottom of the ladle and folded back to the slag line. At this time, the fan needs to be turned on to dry all the crystal water in the various refractory materials in the ladle. The stage time should not be too long. If the time is too long, it may cause oxidation and decarburization on the surface of the refractory material and affect the service life. In order to improve the service life of refractory materials in this area, when the new ladle is baked, a protective layer is applied to the area or the area is covered with an asbestos board. The flame does not directly touch the surface of the refractory brick during baking.

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