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Mill rolls classification

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There are many types of rolls. At present, the commonly used types of rolls are cast steel rolls, cast iron rolls and forging rolls. There are also a small amount of carbide rolls on the profile rolling mill.

According to the molding method: casting rolls and forging rolls; casting rolls refer to the types of rolls manufactured by the production method of direct casting of smelted molten steel or smelted molten iron. Casting rolls can be divided into two categories: cast steel rolls and cast iron rolls according to materials; according to manufacturing methods, they can be divided into two categories: integral casting rolls and composite casting rolls. Forging rolls are classified by material as follows:

(1) Forging alloy steel rolls;

(2) Forging semi-steel rolls;

(3) Forging semi-high-speed steel rolls;

(4) Forging white cast iron rolls.

By process method: integral roll, metallurgical composite roll and combined roll

1. Compared with the composite roll, the overall roll is cast or forged from a single material. The different structures and properties of the outer layer of the roll body and the roll neck are controlled and adjusted through the casting or forging process and the heat treatment process. Both forged rolls and static cast rolls are integral rolls. Integral rolls are divided into integral casting and integral forging rolls;

2. Metallurgical composite casting rolls mainly include semi-flushing composite casting, overflow (full flushing) composite casting, and centrifugal composite casting. In addition, there are types of composite rolls manufactured by special composite methods such as continuous casting and cladding (CPC-Continuous Pouring Process for Cladding), spray deposition, hot isostatic pressing (HIP-Hot Isostatically Pressed), and electroslag fusion welding. The combined roll is mainly a set of combined rolls.

By manufacturing material: cast steel series rolls, cast iron series rolls and forged series rolls

Commonly used types of heat treatment for rolls: stress relief annealing, isothermal spheroidizing annealing, diffusion annealing, normalizing, tempering, quenching, cryogenic treatment.


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