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Oxidation of magnesia-carbon bricks and application of new anti-oxidation coatings


Advantages of unshaped lining for ladles

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At present, the working linings used in ladles, especially the slag line parts, are mostly made of carbon-containing refractory materials. Before the newly built ladle is put into the molten steel for use, it must be baked in advance in the order of small fire, medium fire to large fire. Generally, the baking temperature reaches about 1000℃. The entire baking process takes 20-30 hours for a short time, 3-5 days for a long time, and some even longer. At present, a considerable number of ladle use sites have not taken anti-oxidation measures for the carbon-containing work lining during the baking process, resulting in the working layer of magnesia-carbon bricks that have produced an oxidizing and decarbonizing layer of at least 20mm when the baking is completed; there are also a small number of ladle work layers of magnesia-carbon bricks that are coated with anti-oxidation coatings after masonry, but the anti-oxidation effect cannot achieve the desired effect. In addition, the coating needs to be deployed with water on site, which is inconvenient to use, which has led to the abandonment of anti-oxidation coatings on most ladle use sites.


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During the baking process of the new masonry ladle, when the temperature reaches above 800℃, the graphite and resin in the magnesia-carbon brick oxidize very quickly. As the thickness of the oxide layer continues to increase, the oxidation rate of magnesia-carbon bricks will gradually slow down. The entire baking process will cause the magnesia-containing carbon brick to have a completely decarbonized layer of at least 20mm. The longer the baking time, the deeper the oxidized decarbonized layer. The decarbonization layer is characterized by almost no binding strength, high porosity and loose structure. When filled with molten steel, under the scouring and erosion of molten steel and slag, the decarbonization layer will quickly fall off, and the lining material of this part is almost wasted.

Generally, the thickness of the new masonry working furnace lining of the ladle is about 200mm, and the residual working lining after offline is generally about 60mm. After subtracting the oxidized 20mm, the effective consumption thickness of the working lining is about 120mm. The thickness of the oxidized part accounts for about 15% of the effective consumption part. By applying anti-oxidation coating, the effective consumption thickness of magnesia-carbon bricks can be increased by about 20mm on the original basis, which is equivalent to increasing the service life of the furnace lining by about 15%.



(1) The new type of anti-oxidation coating has a good anti-oxidation effect on the resin and graphite in the magnesia-carbon brick at various temperature points of 1100℃ and below, making its loose layer and decarbonization layer almost zero.

(2) On-site use can very effectively prevent the oxidation of magnesia-carbon bricks during ladle baking, and increase the effective consumption of magnesia-carbon bricks, which can significantly improve their service life.

(3) It can effectively reduce the consumption of tons of steel for ladle refractory materials, which is of significant significance for saving resources.

(4) This new type of oxidation-proof coating can be applied to the oxidation-proof of other carbon-containing working linings of ladles during baking.

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