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Robot intelligent temperature measurement and sampling system

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Temperature measurement, oxygen determination and slag breaking are important links in the iron and steel metallurgical process, but at present, they are all done manually in China. The on-site working environment is poor, the labor intensity of workers is high, and the degree of automation is low. In order to adapt to the intelligent development trend of modern iron and steel enterprises, reduce labor intensity, and save enterprise costs, MCC Automation adopts a robot intelligent temperature measurement, sampling, slag breaking and oxygen determination system to replace the original manual labor, improve operation efficiency, and improve operation accuracy. Significantly improve the intelligent level of steel mill production, laying a good foundation for the overall unmanned process of the steel industry.

The robot intelligent temperature measurement and sampling system independently developed by MCC Automation and has complete intellectual property rights is in technical indicators, safety protection, site layout, robot anti-collision, removal of slag attached to the gun tip, fire prevention of temperature measurement sampling probes, and classification and collection of probe materials. Quick and automatic replacement of the gun head, anti-skid drop of the probe, redundant discharge, reminder of the gun, dust and heat insulation of the system, maintenance-free in the later stage, etc. Have unique design concepts and practical experience.

  • system structure

The intelligent temperature measurement and sampling system independently developed by China Metallurgical South (Wuhan) Automation Co., Ltd. uses advanced robot technology, combined with automatic feeding system equipment and advanced control concepts, and makes full use of the The feeding equipment performs temperature measurement and sampling and probe removal and replacement, thereby completing the entire temperature measurement and sampling process with high efficiency and high precision.


1). Six-axis robot

Choose high-end brand casting robots, with powerful motion control functions, intelligent anti-collision functions, compact structure, small gyration radius, advanced software system, support for multiple industrial bus interfaces, modular design, convenient maintenance, and can meet the requirements of different loads.

2). Automatic feeding device

Consists of a temperature measurement supply bin, a sampling supply bin, a chain mechanism, an automatic probe removal device and an electric control system, etc. The touch screen is set outside the device, which can display the operating status of the automatic feeding equipment, fault alarm, automatic/manual Switching, device self-diagnosis and other functions. It can supply two different types of materials at the same time, which is the first in China.


  • System Features

1). The robot intelligent temperature measurement and sampling system, MCC South (Wuhan) Automation Co., Ltd. has completely independent intellectual property rights. The system firstly adopt an integrated intelligent temperature measurement and sampling scheme that closely cooperates with the robot and the automatic feeding system. Its design concept is at an advanced level in China.

2). The automatic feeding equipment in this system is different from the “storage cabinet” scheme, but adopts an automatic feeding bin with a higher level of intelligence, which can store and supply two different types of materials at the same time, which is the first in China.

3). The indicators of the robot intelligent temperature measurement and sampling system are at the leading level in China:

(1) The operation time of the robot gun barrel from descending to the gun lifting operation can be controlled within 24s;

(2) The measured rate of molten steel temperature is ≥98%;

(3) Molten steel oxygen determination rate ≥96%;

(4) The success rate of molten steel sampling and slag breaking ≥96%;

(5) The success rate of probe automatic clamping is ≥98%;

(6) The success rate of probe removal ≥99%;

(7) The detection accuracy of molten steel level is ±20mm;

(8) The repeated positioning deviation of the probe inserted into the molten steel is ≤2mm;

(9) Repeated positioning accuracy of liquid level ranging sensor ≤20mm

(10) The whole cycle of the system is fully automatic, and the operator will start the automatic temperature measurement, constant oxygen sampling and slag breaking with one button. The intermediate process does not require the operator to intervene again; at the same time, it can receive instructions issued by the LF furnace to complete the measurement. Sampling and slag breaking with temperature and constant oxygen. The system has manual step-by-step operation function;

(11) The system realizes the function of pre-preparation for slag-breaking by measuring temperature and oxygen, sampling.

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