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Safe operation of ladle

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The ladle is a special container that load high-temperature molten steel. It is an important equipment linking the converter and continuous casting production. It is a major risk in steelmaking production that needs to be strictly controlled. Ladle operation is very demanding on safety. The ladle workshop of the steelmaking plant is not only responsible for the management and use of the existing 32 sets 145-ton ladles, but also the safe operation of these ladles. As these 32 ladles have been put into production for a long time, some of the ladles have different degrees of cladding deformation, trunnion wear, and strap desoldering and other safety hazards during operation. In order to ensure the safe operation of the ladle, since the beginning of this year, the Steelmaking Plant’s Equipment department and the Ladle Workshop, together with Sanqin Company, have conducted a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of 32 sets ladle to ensure the safe operation of the ladle.

Safe operation of ladle

  • Replace the trunnion seat deformed by force to ensure the safe lifting of molten steel.The ladle trunnion seat is the part that receives the shear stress when the ladle is hoisted by the crane, and it is also the most vulnerable place to damage the ladle. The steelmaking plant has carried out ultrasonic inspection on the ladle trunnion and found 19 pcs trunnion seat of 16 sets ladle need to be replaced.According to estimates, it takes three days to replace a bearing seat. If it is replaced in a centralized manner, it will affect the normal operation of the ladle. In order to at same time to ensure the safety of the ladle and production needs, the equipment department and the ladle workshop have negotiated with Sanqin Company to formulate a feasible ladle trunnion replacement plan according to the damage degree of the trunnion seat, and Make full use of ladle downline overhaul time. Worked closely according to the plan to overcome difficulties to ensure that the replacement of the trunnion seat is completed as scheduled. Up to now, 18 trunnion seats have been replaced in 15 sets steel ladles without affecting production.
  • Repair and replace severely damaged ladle mouths to prevent steel breakout and steel penetration accidents.In the process of dumping steel slag, a certain amount of steel slag will adhere to the position of ladle mouth. When steel slag is attached to the treatment station, it is easy to cause the ladle mouth to hang rotten and deform, and in serious cases, the ladle leakage accident may occur. After inspection and confirmation, a total of 10 sets ladle mouth were found to need timely maintenance and replacement. In order not to affect the normal operation of the ladle, the steelmaking plant negotiated with Sanqin Company and decided to complete the maintenance task of the ladle mouth within the medium and minor repair time. Sanqin company’s personnel are responsible for dismantling, cleaning, cutting and repairing, welding and other operations. The ladle workshop has guided and supervised the maintenance and replacement of the mouths throughout the whole process, ensuring the quality of maintenance and replacement. At the beginning of August, the maintenance and replacement of the mouth of 10 sets ladle had been successfully completed.
  • Repair welding and repair the desoldering ladle strap prevents the deformation of the cladding.The ladle strap is an important guarantee for maintaining the normal shape of the ladle under load bearing and high temperature.The inspection confirmed that there were 16 ladle strap with different degrees of unsoldering. In order to smoothly complete the repair welding and repair of desoldering and deformed ladle straps, the steelmaking plant and Sanqin Company closely combined this task with the replacement and maintenance of the trunnion seat and the ladle mouth. Participating workers worked overtime. In early August, the repair welding and repair tasks of all ladle straps were successfully completed ten days in advance, making a satisfactory end to the repair.

Safe operation of ladle

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