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Summary of major risk factors in steelmaking!

Risk factors 1:

When adding molten iron, due to the defect and damage of the spreader, it is easy to cause scalding due to improper or misoperation of the lifting personnel.


  • Command the crane to lift the molten iron at the specified safe station.
  • The crane commander who holds the certificate shall instruct the crane to lift the molten iron from the molten iron waiting position to the converter platform to mix molten iron according to the standard whistle, gesture or special walkie-talkie.


  • Do not hang up the hook for tipping the molten iron tank before adding molten iron.
  • Close the explosion-proof door in front of the operating room window before adding molten iron.
  • Instruct all other personnel to evacuate the site of the converter platform, and no one should pass in front of the furnace when pouring molten iron.
  • When adding molten iron, the molten iron tank cannot press the furnace mouth.

Risk factors 2:

There is water in the scrap steel, damp waste, and a closed container into the furnace, which is easy to cause other explosions.


  • Before hoisting, check that the scrap steel is free of water and moisture, otherwise, take drying measures or stop it.
  • Before adding scrap steel, check to make sure that the explosion-proof door in front of the operating room door is closed.

Risk factors 3:

Oxygen or sub-gun leaking water into the furnace can easily cause other explosions.


  • Before smelting, check that the safety interlock of the oxygen lance system is in good condition; check that the path of the oxygen lance is normal; check whether the oxygen lance, sub-lance and fume hood are leaking when the oxygen lance, sub-lance, and fume hood are lifted or down for each furnace.
  • Press the emergency stop when the water leaks, and immediately lift the oxygen lance and sub-lance to cut off the water source.
  • It is strictly forbidden to shake the furnace; prevent foreign objects (slag from the hood, oxygen lance and sub-lance) from falling into the furnace.

Risk factors 4:

In the steelmaking gas recovery process, gas leakage during smelting can easily cause poisoning and suffocation.

  • The oxygen lance holes and feeding ports on the flue should be provided with reliable nitrogen seals;
  • The converter furnace should be equipped with gas detection and alarm devices on the platforms above the furnace mouth; personnel should not stay for a long time on the platforms above.

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