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The crystallizer copper tube is made of high-quality raw materials

In the process of steelmaking and continuous casting of steel companies, molten steel must first pass through the crystallizer copper tube to exothermic cooling and solidification at a certain speed before it can change from liquid to solid.

What are the raw materials of the crystallizer copper tube?

To provide mould tubes with optimal physical and mechanical properties to customers’ specifications, mould tube products are supplied of the following materials:

  1. Cu-DHP: Normally used for mould tubes section size below 180x180mm and round tubes below Dia.150mm.
  2. Cu-Ag: Normally used for mould tube section size above 180x180mm and round tubes above Dia.150mm
  3. Cu-Cr-Zr: Normally used for beam blank mould tubes

These materials have different levels of hardness and thermal conductivities. We are highly experienced in choosing proper materials to meet the specific demands in heat resistance and thermal conductivities of customers’ applications. The physical and mechanical properties of these materials are compared in details in the following tables:

High Phosphorus Deoxidized Copper
Cu-DHP (Cu-0.03P)

Normal deoxidized copper.

Silver-Bearing Copper
Cu-Ag (Cu-0.1Ag)

Through the addition of about 0.1% silver, strength is significantly enhanced with no loss in thermal conductivity. Compared to deoxidized copper, the softening temperature is also about 100 degrees Centigrade higher than deoxidized copper

Cu-Cr-Zr (Cu-0.6Cr-0.15Zr)

Cr and Zr precipitation hardening provides this alloy with high strength, high resistance to heat, and thermal conductivity as high as high-phosphorus deoxidized copper.





Melting point




Coefficient of thermal expansion at 20℃





340 W/(m·K)

377 W/(m·K)

325 W/(m·K)





Hardness at 20℃

Min. 85 HB

Min. 90HB

Min. 120HB

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