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The function of glass antioxidant in alumina magnesia carbon brick

Because of the introduction of graphite, the slag resistance and thermal shock stability of alumina magnesia carbon steel ladle lining brick are improved, but the use effect of alumina magnesia carbon brick is limited because of the weakness of graphite which is easy to oxidize. In order to improve the oxidation resistance of refractories containing carbon, a small amount of additives are often added, the principle of which is the affinity of additives or additives and carbon reaction products with oxygen at working temperature In addition, additives react with oxygen, carbon monoxide or carbon to form compounds to change the microstructure of carbon containing materials, such as increasing density, blocking pores, wrapping on the surface of graphite, preventing oxidation and diffusion of reaction products, etc., so as to inhibit the oxidation of carbon. For aluminum magnesium carbon ladle lining bricks, products in process can also be used The anti-oxidation coating is applied on the surface to prevent the decarburization of the surface during baking. The glass additive can produce a small amount of liquid phase at the baking temperature of the ladle, seal the surface pores, prevent the diffusion of oxygen to the interior, inhibit the oxidation of graphite, and make the products always in a denser state during the continuous erosion process of the repeatedly used surface of the ladle, thus improving the oxidation resistance of the alumina magnesia carbon brick

Glass additive action:

  • The addition of glass antioxidant can improve the oxidation resistance and compressive strength of Al Mg C refractories, but it can reduce the softening deformation temperature and corrosion resistance of refractories under high temperature load to different extent

(2)Phosphate glass is superior to borate glass in both oxidation resistance and influence on the properties of alumina magnesia carbon brick, among which 7 # phosphate glass is the best, adding appropriate 7 # phosphate glass as anti oxidant and borate glass as anti-oxidation coating will improve the oxidation resistance of alumina magnesia brick, but not significantly reduce its high temperature performance


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