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The new refractory is of great significance to improve the competitiveness of China’s iron and steel industry


Compared with the international advanced level, China’s iron and steel industry production energy consumption is higher, steel production per ton of steel energy consumption is 20%-40% higher than the international level, 320kg higher than Japan’s standard coal. Therefore, China’s iron and steel industry energy consumption is high, energy saving and consumption reduction potential is huge, so it is of great significance to improve the competitiveness of China’s iron and steel industry to do a good job in energy saving and consumption reduction

Title:The new refractory material is of great significance to improve the competitiveness of China’s iron and steel industry

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  • Significance of new refractory materials

In the last 20 years, the output and varieties of China’s iron and steel industry have developed greatly. In order to adapt to the development, through the “>”, “five-year” and the construction of the ninth five-year period, China’s ongoing refractory varieties and equipment upgrading, varieties increased more than 10 categories, a total of more than one hundred brands, changed the past traditional clay, high alumina, silica, the structure of the varieties of the four categories of magnesia products. According to the development focus of iron and steel industry in the “tenth five-year plan” period, although the steel output will not increase greatly, the continuous casting ratio and refining ratio of iron and steel will continue to increase, and the equipment will continue to trend to large scale and modernization. These characteristics of the development of the iron and steel industry, promote the refractory continues to improve the quality of products, expand varieties, and around energy saving and consumption reduction, the production of some refractory with specific functions.


  • Development trend of new refractory materials

In recent years, the promotion of new technology and new technology in steel production, as well as the requirements of energy saving and consumption reduction and environmental protection, have put forward more special requirements for new refractory materials. From the future development trend, the new type of refractories will include high-performance structural refractories and functional refractories.

2.1 Structural refractory

The overall development trend of structural refractories will be high purity, denseness, precision, the popularization of carbon containing refractories, oxide and non-oxide materials composite and amorphous. In particular, the amorphous refractory will have a large application market in the next period of time, because it has the advantages of short production cycle, energy saving, good integrity, strong adaptability and good comprehensive use effect.The development trend of amorphous refractories has the following aspects.

(1) Material. In recent years, the amorphous refractory material is from neutral, acid oxide materials to alkaline oxide materials and oxides and non-oxide composite material development, from low purity to high purity development, the raw materials used by natural refractory raw materials mainly to synthetic refractory raw materials development;

(2) Combination mode. In recent years, the combination of amorphous refractories follows the direction of hydration combination → chemical combination → hydration combination + condensation combination → polymerization combination → condensation combination.

(3) Performance. In recent years, the working performance of amorphous refractories has developed from hard to easy to thixotropic and then to thixotropic. From the rheological point of view, it develops from plastic-elasticity to visco-plastic-elasticity and visco-plasticity.

(4) Mixing water. In recent years, the mixing water of amorphous refractories is developing from high water content to low water content and no water content

2.2 Functional refractory

Functional refractories include high performance heat insulation refractories, high emissionality energy-saving coatings, high thermal conductivity and high conductive refractories, high performance fast heat storage refractories, etc.High performance heat insulation refractory materials include refractory fiber products, light bricks with ultrafine pores, light and amorphous refractory materials, etc., these materials have low thermal conductivity, and the use of these materials in laying furnace walls can greatly reduce the heat dissipation and heat storage loss of the furnace body, so as to have significant energy saving effect.


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