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Turkish Steel Mill After Sales Visit – Steel Split Counter Installation Test

Time: 18/8/2022

On-site process inspection, installation position, collision, confirmation of bar extension distance, and the size meets the requirements.

About bar counting system introduce

The Bar counting system adopts the international advanced machine vision technology to detect the end face of the bar, identifies, marks, tracks and counts the bar through image information processing, and through different working modes real-time counting function in the bar production process; when the count value of each bundle reaches the set value, control the chain bed to stop, indicate the automatic steel separation position, and guide or control the start and stop of the steel moving machine. which can be used to display the steel separation position and guidance score in real time steel. The system enters the next working cycle.

This platform has three modes: in the counting mode, the counting is completed by visual technology and industrial computer, and the steel line is displayed to guide the on-site operators to accurately divide the steel. In the steel separation mode, the controller controls the servo through CAN open bus communication to carry out single-ended steel separation or automatic steel separation.

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LMM Main product series

Core technology products:

  • magnesia carbon brick
  • slide gate plate
  • graphite electrode

Core technology products:

  • Hss roller
  • cast steel rolls
  • tungten carbide ring roller

Core technology products:

  • copper mould tube
  • copper mould plate
  • assembly & cooling jackts

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